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How to: OpenVPN SSL
Category : Computers
OpenVPN SSL provides traffic encryption, giving remote users enhanced security, by providing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) gateway. This SSL gateway connects users to services, programs and applications inside a network safely and securely. OpenVPN's Access Server allows you to setup and connect to a VPN using the supplied Connect Client, which works via your Internet browser.Difficulty:EasyInstruct

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How to Set Up OpenVPN in Tomato
Category : Computers
Virtual private networks (VPNs) can be used to create a secure connection between one local area network (LAN) to another, giving users a high level of network privacy. The Tomato USB router firmware features support for OpenVPN, an open-source VPN solution, making it possible to create secure network connections at no cost. Setting up OpenVPN on a router loaded with the Tomato USB firmware may ta

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How to Do Samba on OpenVPN
Category : Computers
With OpenVPN, you can connect to Samba shares across your network. OpenVPN is, as the name suggests, an open-source virtual private network, or VPN, application. Samba is a protocol used by both Linux- and Windows-based computers to share data with one another. OpenVPN has direct support for connecting to Samba shares by utilizing routing dev tunnels between the computers. This allows you to conne

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OpenVPN + CentOS VPS
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to setup a dev environment on my CentOS VPS for application testing that would only be accessible when you're on the server's ip address via openVPN. I have a concept and I need you guys to share your thoughts, especially those who have done this before.

So install & configure OpenVPN on my CentOS 5.8 VPS server.
Install OpenVPN on localhost machines.
Setup the

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OpenVPN and Android NDK
Category : Android

I have a custom made C (cross-platform) application. An OpenVPN variant. I want to compille this for the Android version with NDK.

It compiles under Linux. Does this mean i can easily compile it for Andoird too with the NDK? And if so, how can i communicate with my library through Java code (the normal Android SDK)?

I'm not really that far yet to do the actual implementa

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How to Map a Shared Drive With Openvpn
Category : Computers
OpenVPN is a solution you install on your Windows server that creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is a protected network connection that allows external Internet users connect to the internal network. After the user makes the connection, the user can map a network drive. The VPN software gives the user access to the network, but you use the Windows drive mapping command to connect to th

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C# - Close OpenVPN Cleanly
Category : Coding

We have written an application that sits in the tray controlling OpenVPN as an extension to a bigger application.

If you run openvpn.exe on command line, you can press F4 to close it. We need to do send the same keypress from C#, but you can only send string values to StandardInput.

We have been forced to kill OpenVpn to close it, and this seems to be causing BSOD every

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cURL through OpenVPN or PPTP
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way to execute cURL requests through a VPN such as OpenVPN or PPTP?

I'm aware that i can use a proxy, But a VPN is different.

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Samba server on VPS over OpenVPN
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS on a VPS and just installed an openVPN server.
I can connect to the vpn server from my laptop at home and the server assigns me an IP ( All seems to be going fine here.

Also, on the VPS, I installed Samba.

On my laptop I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.2. When I now go to the Finder and try to connect with the server ( via s

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How to use one CA/CRT/Key for Multiple OpenVPN Servers
Category : Operating Systems

For our small business we run multiple OpenVPN servers. I have them all setup fine but I was wondering if it's possible to use the same CA/CRT/Key file for all of them. All that I want to have to change is the .ovpn file.

Is it possible to generate the main ca/crt/key on one server and then share it to all the others?

That way one client could connect to all the server

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