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Ruby Roo gem for opening Excel files -> Errno: EACCES error when opening a file from url
by GregoryWE in Programming Languages

I am trying to download and open an excel file using Roo for Ruby:

book = Excel.new( URL )
puts loaded

I get an error when Excel.new is executed (puts does not execute):

'unlink': Permission denied - {created file} (Errno:ACCES)

So the file is downloaded, and the temp file is created, though I continue to get this error. I check the permissio

MonoDevelop 2.8.8 on Windows: prevent opening a new instance when opening file via explorer
by eroi in Operating Systems

On Windows, MonoDevelop, each time you open a file via explorer, a new instance of MonoDevelop is opened, instead than opening the file within the already opened instance.

This is obviously very annoying, and as of now is a known bug. Anyone found a workaround?


How to Stop Word From Opening Minimized Documents When Opening a New Document
by Ohad Barzilay in Computers
Word is designed to initially open documents at maximized screen. Sometimes documents will start opening in a minimized window. This might have happened by an unusual program glitch that set and saved operating data, or the boundaries of the document window were set outside of the screen's range in a previous session and got saved. Word can be initially maximized again by following a few steps.Dif

How to create a .BAT file opening programm and preventing it from opening new windows?
by cerebusPu in Coding

So I am starting a consol programm from .bat file. I want it to run as a process but not showing any windows. How to do such thing?

Opening one MySQL connection vs opening and closing a lot of connections?
by Matt Brewer in Programming Languages

I have a > x20000 loop in php that checks if an entry exists in a MySQL database, I open & close the connection for every entry in the loop, but a friend told me that's crazy and I should open one connection, run the loop and then close it, but he didn't tell me why. Could someone explain me the benefits of reusing the same connection? is it CPU usage or what?

RLINK32: Error opening file “…Data.DFM”. Occurs the first time I build a project after opening Delphi
by jfraser in Programming Languages

I get this error the first time I build/compile a particular project after opening Delphi (D6 Pro). Subsequent builds do not give the error.

How to Switch a Door From Right-Opening to Left-Opening
by Ph33zy in Home & Garden
Changing the "swing" on a door (the direction it opens in and the side it opens from) is a project that can be fairly engaging or simple and straightforward. Here are the basics.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Wood Shims
Measuring Tapes
Common Nails
Pry Bars

Measure the old door and remember which kind of swing the

GWT Frame issue: chrome browser not opening authentication poup when opening authenticated url in frame element
by wafe in Programming Languages

I am using GWT Frame and setting authenticated URL. chrome browser not opening authentication poup - shows 401 authentication error.

Below code is used.

Frame frame = new Frame(authenticatedUrl);
frameHolder.add(frame); // frameholder is a horizontal panel

But the frame properly o

Opening a new terminal tab in OSX(Snow Leopard) with the opening terminal windows directory path
by Dahak in Network & Servers

I've been Googling for a while looking for a simple way to do this, and I can't find one.

I have a custom terminal environment set up (zsh) with various aliases and functions to make things easier. One thing I keep running into is that I will quickly APPLE-t to create a new tab and then type a command relative to the path of the terminal window I was just in. This invariably fails b

Is there any difference between 'manuall'y opening and closing a log file and opening/closing it via a 'program'?
by Stjepan in Programming Languages

Here is how I can manually create a log file when using windows.

open notepad
write .LOG in capital
close the file

Next time when you open the file,automatically an entry of the current date/time will be added. Like :

11:33 AM 07-Oct-12

and when you try to close the file,it asks you whether you w

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