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Git/Mercurial (hg) opinion
by Jason Haar in Programming Languages

First, let me say I'm not a professional programmer, but an engineer who had a need for it and had to learn. I was always working alone, so it was just me and my seven split personalities ... and we worked okey as a team :) Most of my stuff is done in C/Fortran/Matlab and so far I've been learning git to manage it all. However, although I've had no unsolvable problems with it, I've never been "

How to Get a Second Medical Opinion
by Néstor Pina in Health
A second opinion is always a good idea when your life or quality of life is at stake. Medical conditions sometimes occur that your primary care physician can't treat. You may need a specialist, whom you've never met, for a second medical opinion. Putting your life into the hands of a stranger deserves some research.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Decide if you need a second medical opinion. If

How to Ask a Doctor for a Second Opinion
by Baskaran in Health
There are times when most of us wonder about the diagnosis or advice of even the most trusted family physician, especially if he is recommending a treatment with side effects or is dismissing symptoms that are alarming to you. f you find yourself in this position, ask to get a second opinion.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Communicate your concern to your doctor. She may have the same qu

Funambol opinion
by boonchew in Web Design

I am looking at sync frameworks for a project I'm going to work on. I will be syncing two server file systems together. I have looked over Microsoft Sync framework and now Funambol. Does anyone have any opinion on Funambol?

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Opinion Polling and PHP
by amiT jaiN in PHP

Okay, so I want to make a polling site but it doesn't work like a typical poll.

Here's how I would like mine to operate:

User registers and is sent confirmation email
Once they confirm they can log in
From there they get to one giant poll with several topics but apposed to choosing one topic,
they would have 20 or so "tokens" where they may distribute them

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How to Get a Second Opinion Before a Hysterectomy
by Soccer55 in Health
Each year more than half a million women in the United States choose to have a hysterectomy. The reasons for having the surgery span from the imperative (cancer) to the elective (fibroids, bleeding and endometriosis). Women who are uncomfortable with the thought of hysterectomy, or who merely want another point of view, should ask for a second opinion before undergoing the procedure.Difficulty:Mod

How to Brief a Court Opinion
by Rit Li in Education
A court opinion provides a valuable means of learning the law on a particular issue. Most good judges will give an explanation of reasoning along with a final decision. This sheds light on the rationale behind a court opinion and provides a person with an understanding of the current state of the law. You can brief a court opinion in a few simple steps. This will summarize the important points of

How to Form an Opinion
by Darin in Education
Learning to form an opinion is a matter of educating yourself about your options. Choosing between political figures or which of your kids is telling the truth can be done by learning as much as you can regarding the circumstances. By informing yourself, it's easier to make a confident decision.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Consider the source of the information you use to make a decis
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What Is a Reliance Opinion & Circular 230?
by Andrew L. in Legal
Circular 230 is a document published by the United States Treasury Dept. containing rules and regulations that CPAs, attorneys, appraisers and enrolled tax professionals must follow when practicing before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The document also outlines duties, restrictions and sanctions to which these professionals are subject. Although attorneys and CPAs may give advice to clients,

How to Stop Opinion Central Pop Ups
by Paul in Internet
Opinion Central is a website that offers surveys where members share their opinions on products, services and topics of interest. Sometimes Opinion Central will use pop-up windows to display prompts or information about new surveys. You can prevent these pop-ups by updating your browser or by installing pop-up blocking software on your computer. If you use Firefox, you may need to install an add-o

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