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How to get citation information of Papers to visualize the network of papers?
by swilli89 in Development Tools & Services

I want to develop an application which visualize the network diagram of academic papers.

So I need to use citation information of papers.

I have found 3 api about this idea. But they contain any information about citing papers or cited papers. Btw, these apis are them


Mainly, I want need only citation information of

Which Tax Papers to Keep
by Javed in Personal Finance
If you find filing taxes to be intimidating or a chore you'd rather avoid, you probably breathe a large sigh of relief each year once they're done. Then you start wondering what to do with all of the related paperwork. Once your taxes are completed for the year, you may feel you no longer need any of the papers that you used for filing or any of the copies of your returns. Don't give in to the tem
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How to Get My CKC Papers
by Meski in Pets
Registration papers are no guarantee of quality. Registered dogs and unregistered dogs have the same genetic qualities or genetic flaws. Registration with a reputable canine registry provides the owner with the knowledge that the puppy has a known sire and a known dam and that both have known ancestors behind them, all of whom are registered as well. Registration papers from a registry that will p
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What Do I Do After I Get Foreclosure Papers?
by XLNC in Personal Finance
The first thing to do after you get foreclosure papers is to understand you are not alone. In 2010, according to CNNMoney.com, more than a million families lost their homes, with almost three times as many receiving foreclosure notices sometime during the year. Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and develop a plan. The best place to start is to understand the foreclosure process. What Ha

How to Get Guardianship Papers
by docp in Legal
If a member of your family (or another person with whom you have a close personal relationship) is unable to care for her needs, obtaining guardianship papers is an option. Established through the probate court, guardianship papers appoint a qualified individual to take care of the day-to-day needs of an incapacitated person.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need

How to Get Papers on a Rabbit
by MovingSpotlight in Pets
Getting papers on a rabbit involves multiple steps, but if you are serious about breeding and showing rabbits, it is well worth the time and effort. To get papers on a rabbit, you must first become a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc., or ARBA. Every rabbit registered by the ARBA, must be physically inspected by a licensed registrar. You must provide the registrar with a thre
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What Are Rolling Papers?
by Gianluca Riccardi in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Rolling papers provide you with a degree of control over what you put into your body when you smoke. You also control the herbal tobacco mix that you smoke, which includes mints, mugwort, sagebrush, salvia sages or lemon balm. Most tobacco rolling paper comes from hemp, but some areas of the world, such as Japan and China, use rice paper. If you want an all-natural filter, rolling your own cigaret

How to Get Papers for a Pit Bull
by Pablo in Pets
The American Pit Bull Terrier has a thick brick-like head, broad cheeks with strong jaws and a muscular neck. The dog is stocky and strong. While the American Pit Bull has suffered a bad rap in recent history, according to the website "Dog Breed Info," if the dogs are socialized with a strong and agreeable pack leader, they will not display aggression and will be obedient, loyal creatures. If you'
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Do it Yourself Guardianship Papers
by Matthew in Legal
A guardian who is appointed, in most cases by a district court, possesses the authority to care for the property and/or the well-being of another person. A guardianship can be established for an infant or others who don't have the capacity of caring for themselves and their affairs. In most countries, the parents serve as the guardian of their child, and they also have the right to name a guardian

How to Bag Sunday Papers
by Adam May in Careers & Job Searching
Newspaper delivery carriers travel by foot, bicycle or car on a daily basis to please their customers and to hopefully earn a decent tip by keeping them happy throughout the year. Sunday is the busiest day for newspaper delivery -- the Sunday paper has more content, special sections and can be purchased separately. The Sunday newspaper is coveted by many customers because it contains more feature
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