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How to Know the Difference Between the Past Tense of a Verb and the Past Participle
by riahc3 in Education
Grammar is the system or set of rules that directs sentence construction. English grammar is comprised of a complex system of rules. Many of these rules are based on abstract concepts, such as verb tense and participles. It can sometimes be confusing getting a handle on the nuances of English grammar, especially when it has to do with concepts that have common characteristics. Past tense verbs and

How to Know the Difference Between Simple Past and Past Perfect
by Andrew in Education
If you are just learning to speak English or if you are studying for a grammar test, you may be confused about the difference between simple past tense and past perfect. Both indicate that an action has already been completed, but the tenses differ in structure and meaning. Simple past tense is also known as preterite tense and indicates an action that happened at a specific point in time. Past pe

How to Leave Past Relationships in the Past
by MikeG in Relationships & Family
Living in the moment is the most fulfilling way to spend your days. And thinking about or obsessing over a relationship from the past can distract you to the point where you miss out on a great relationship today. Despite the tons of love advice available, leaving a past relationship where it belongs is sometimes difficult.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Initiate a closure. Whethe

Past Simple vs. Past Progressive
by wcf in Education
Past simple tense grammatically indicates one event occurred and finished in the past. Past progressive grammatically implies continuity of an event while a second event impacted the first event within the same time line. IdentificationPast simple uses regular and irregular verbs to indicate completion of an event in the past. A regular verb adds "ed" at the end of the word. For examp

Selecting Users signed up in past 30 days and in past 7 days in one efficient query
by nipplefish in Databases

I have this query that selects the number of user signups in the past 30 days:

COUNT(*) AS UserCount30
User.UserDateCreated > (CURDATE() - INTERVAL 30 DAY)

Then I have this query that selects the number of users that signed up in the past 7 days

COUNT(*) AS UserCount7

How to Teach and Use The Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive Tenses
by LittleCodeShop in Careers & Job Searching
In a previous "how to", I wrote how to teach the present perfect and present perfect progressive tenses (http://www.ehow.com/how_6045030_teach-present-perfect-progressive-tense.html). This article explains how to teach the past perfect and past perfect progressive tenses. Of the three perfect tenses, I believe these are the easiest of the perfect tenses to teach.Difficulty:EasyInstructio

How to Leave the Past in the Past
by Venezuela in Health
A person's past can rise up and hurt him at any point in the future. Do what you can to prevent that from happening by dropping off the past at the nearest trash can. Don't go back rummaging through the "trash" later to retrieve it. Leave it where it belongs. Here are a few ideas about how to leave the past in the past.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Trust a gut feeling. Your "gut" is your subc
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How to Get Over a Guy From Your Past
by Estonia in Relationships & Family
It is extremely difficult to get over an ex that you were and maybe still are in love with. If you are determined to move on with your life, you need to get serious about getting over your past relationship. Make a plan of action and stick with it. You have an exciting future ahead of you and it's about time you stopped letting him get in the way.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Mourn the break-up
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How to Get a Past W-2
by Frank Bradley in Personal Finance
You have limited avenues through with to obtain a copy of a past W-2 Wage and Tax statement. Since W-2 forms include information such as Social Security numbers that is covered by privacy laws, persons seeking copies must file with specific forms and provide specific information. In some cases, such as obtaining past W-2 forms from the Social Security Administration depends upon meeting limited cr
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How to Let Go of the Past
by cautionsign in Health
Someone hurts us or we have a negative experience. Rather than brush away the pain, many of us get stuck emotionally, lick our wounds, allow ourselves to become afraid. Time passes and it becomes harder to move forward. Before we know it, years have passed. To become more fulfilled in the present and more excited about the future, many of us need to learn to let go of the past.Difficulty:Moderatel
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