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how can i use Paypal for premium section of my site and deal with premium vs normal users?
by Barfo in Programming Languages

I want to achieve something like this


I have normal users signed up. I want them to upgrade to premium user. Once a person pays, how do I know which user he was signed in ? How do i force the user to login first before being able to click the paypal button and make payment ? Otherwise, I would receive money, but wouldn't know

Is Volkswagen a Premium or an Entry Premium Level Car?
by buschman31 in Cars
Volkswagen, literally translated from the German as the "people's car," started out as an economy line, appealing to the public as the least expensive transportation. Although the company expanded their line into more upscale automobiles, Volkswagen still markets largely to the young crowd buying their first, sporty cars. MarketThe Volkswagen market demographic is largely young professionals or

Gross Premium vs. Net Premium
by cusideabelincoln in Personal Finance
In the world of life insurance, the terms "net premiums" and "gross premiums" are commonly used. A policy holder is generally unaware of the net premium associated with his policy, knowing only the gross premium that he must pay annually for the policy. Insurance companies, however, must carefully calculate both the net premium and the gross premium of each policy to insure tha

How Do I Get MSN Premium?
by Sankarsan Bose in Internet
MSN Premium is an add-on package for a customer's Internet service. It does not provide an Internet connection; it adds enhanced features to an existing Internet service. MSN Premium includes a variety of features, such as Virus Guard, firewall, phishing filter, pop-up guard, Outlook connector, e-mail support and MSN Download Manager. If your Internet provider is a Microsoft Network partner, you c
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What is a Healthcare Premium?
by HoagieMon in Health
Healthcare costs consumed 16 percent of U.S. GDP in 2007, a figure representing some $2.3 trillion dollars, or $7,600 per person. That number is expected to almost double by 2016. The devastating effect of serious illness drives many individuals to seek healthcare insurance through any means possible. But even the cost of insurance is rising faster than most people's income. The average cost of he

What Is Inflation Premium?
by kaktos in Business
Whether you are borrowing money or lending by investing in bonds, money market funds or another interest-bearing security, the interest rate will reflect prevailing market conditions. Interest rates fluctuate for a number of reasons. A major factor affecting interest rates is the inflation premium. Knowing what an inflation premium is and how it affects interest rates will help you make better inv

What is a Car Insurance Premium?
by Tim Watson in Personal Finance
A car insurance premium is the total amount or cost of an automobile insurance policy. A premium is calculated using many different factors by insurance companies to determine the amount of each individual policy. A car insurance premium can be paid electronically or by check using various billing methods including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. A premium is not set in stone an

Why Does a Car Require Premium Gas?
by visual-c++ in Cars
New automobiles come with a long list of manufacturer specifications and recommendations. These include tips for maintenance, driving style and what type of fuel to use. Some cars, especially sports and luxury cars, require premium grades of gasoline to function properly. Octane RatingsGasoline is sold in a number of grades, each of which is distinguished by an octane rating. Gas with a higher

What Is a Disability Premium?
by cakephp in Personal Finance
Paying premiums for disability insurance is taking a major step towards protecting your income. If you become injured or fall ill, disability insurance, or DI, will begin paying you benefits for as long as specified in your policy. Disability insurance comes in two common forms: short-term and long-term. The plan you choose can pay benefits to you in the short term (as little as a couple of weeks)

How to Reinstall MSN Premium
by Dave Lievense in Internet
MSN Premium is software provided by Microsoft that includes security and communication features to enhance your Internet browsing and email communication experience. In order to use the MSN Premium software, you must be subscribed to the service as a licensed user, which cost around $99 per year. Once subscribed to the service, you can elect to have the MSN Premium CD sent to your address. At any

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