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How to Preorder at GameStop
by Tommy in Hobbies, Games & Toys
When a video game has been announced, but not released, you can pre-order the game from Gamestop. Pre-ordering the game increases your chances of receiving the game before it sells out. As long as enough copies are available, you will receive your pre-ordered game the day it comes out or a few days later if you want Gamestop to ship the game to your house. Depending on your shipping method, you ma

Preorder to postorder in tree
by Summerfun in Development Tools & Services

I have a question i want to create postorder from inorder and preorder, but i don't wana use reconstruction of tree, i want only recursive do this. I code this, and at this moment, i have a part of, right side of tree in preorder( First char in preorder is root, i find this in inorder, and i have left and right side, i recurency translate to right side), but i have a problem with left side of t

BFS in python from a preorder and inorder
by Grumpy Tim in Programming Languages

(Python 2.7)I need to print the bfs of a binary tree with a given preorder and inorder and a max lenght of the strings of preorder and inorder.
I know how it works, for example:
max length:5



How to Cancel an iTunes Preorder
by loki8481 in Computers
The iTunes music store allows you to not only purchase music directly, but also to pre-order songs and albums that will be released in the future. If you have pre-ordered something on iTunes but subsequently changed your mind and would like to cancel your pre-order, you can do so from within your iTunes store account.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Launch iTunes.
Click on the "Store"

How to Write a Preorder Traversal
by mii in Computers
Trees are one of the many ways to to store data. When records are stored as trees, one record is the root. The root contains a reference to two other records that are the beginnings of other trees. Each record points to two other records that it calls the left tree and the right tree. When the database is full, the last records are marked as leaves. When data records are arranged this way it is ea

How to Cancel an In-Store Preorder From AT&T
by ShifterMSK in Electronics
Pre-ordering through the AT&T store allows you to reserve an up-and-coming mobile phone or wireless device before it is available to the public. A refundable down payment is required for all pre-orders. The deposit is returned if you cancel your order before the item is shipped. Visit the AT&T location where you pre-ordered the item to cancel an in-store AT&T pre-order.Difficulty:EasyInstructions

How to Preorder Movie Tickets
by google-app-engine in Arts & Entertainment
Most movie theaters sell tickets in advance. If you know the film you want to see, all you have to do is watch for the date tickets go on sale, then follow the directions on the website of the theater to reserve tickets.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Movietickets.com and Fandango specialize in movie trailers and movie tickets. Create an account at either site. The sites will ask for you

How to indicate preorder of a spanning tree using the algorithm BFS
by silvervino in Programming Languages

I'm doing an implementation of the BFS algorithm in c++ to find a spanning tree, the output for a spanning tree should be shown in preorder, but I have a doubt in the implementation, how I can build a tree if not exactly know how many children have each node?. Considering a tree structure recursive The data structure of the tree can be written as:

typedef struct node

Differences Between Preorder and Reserved iPhones
by swilli89 in Electronics
Traditionally, when Apple launches a new iPhone at their “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, Apple users clamor to buy the latest model, resulting in quick sell-outs. To increase interest in the product and up sales, both Apple stores and most wireless providers offer pre-order or reservation events for the latest iPhone. Pre-OrderAfter Apple announces the release date for the latest i

Preorder, Postorder, Inorder BST Traversals
by rbonestell in Databases

I realized recently that while having used BST's plenty in my life, I've never even contemplated using anything but Inorder traversal (while I am aware of and know how easy it is to adapt a program to use pre/post-order traversal).

Upon realizing this, I pulled out some of my old data-structures textbooks and looked for reasoning behind the usefulness of pre-order and post-order tra

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