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How to load RSA Private Key in private key object when private key is being generated from C Code
by Brandan in Programming Languages

I have to implement RSA in my application that i am developing in java. I have to load private key from a file, Which is being generated by C code. C code is using RSA library to do so.

Files used by C Code are :- DES.H


Calling a private method xxx using self.xxx() from within another private method resulting in error “private method `xxx' called”
by apaunchev in Programming Languages

I'm trying to get a good Ruby coding style. To prevent accidently calling a local variable with the same name, I'm always using self. where appropriate. But now I stumbled over this:

class MyClass < ActiveRecord::Base
before_validation :sanitize_user_data
def sanitize_user_data
self.sanitize_name # with ".self" it's a problem,

iPhone App rejected because of Three20 private API undocumented, private UITouch instance variables:
by BSim500 in Programming Languages

I got a notification mail after submitting my iphone application to apple store..

"During our review of your application we found it is using private APIs, which is in violation of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement section 3.3.1; "3.3.1 Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs." While your app

Can't make a private method in C++ return a pointer to a private nested class
by DexNFx in C & C++ & C#

This one doesn't want to compile:

class MainClass
class NestedClass
{ //Line 39
class NestedClass * getNestedClassFor(int i);

The compiler says:

error: 'class MainClass::NestedClass' is private

However, if I made NestedClass

I have modulus and private exponent. How to construct RSA private key and sign a message?
by Ed. in Programming Languages

I am newbie in cryptography and pycrypto.

I have modulus n and private exponent d. From what I understand after reading some docs private key consists of n and d.

I need to sign a message and I can't figure out how to do that using pycrypto. RSA.construct() method accepts a tuple. But I have

MS Test & private accessors: get access to private nested class
by riahc3 in Coding

I'm using MS Test in combination with private accessors to unit test my classes. I make a great usage of private accessors (not available in VS 2012 :-( ) to invoke my private methods. That works fine.

But I am not able to access private nested classes!

For example:

public class Tool
private IList<Result> DoSomePreparation(object anyth

How to access private methods and private data members via Reflection?
by Elieder in Programming Languages

I know that we can access private constructor via Reflection as @Sanjay T. Sharma mentioned in his answer of my question: Does “instanceof Void” always return false?

However, @duffymo said:

you can access private everything with reflection - methods, ctors, data members, everything.

How can I access the private methods and the private data members?

Doxygen - Objective-C - Document Private Class functions Private
by eroussel in Programming Languages

In doxygen, I can create objective-c categories inside my implementation file to hide interfaces that shouldn't be accessed publicly. However, doxygen still documents the category as the members being "public". Even by adding the protected or private, this is still the case.

Is there another method that I'm overlooking that would put this in a "Private Methods" section of that cate

Calling a class with a private constructor and private static methods?
by RockinZ28 in Programming Languages

I created a class with 6 private static methods and a private constructor. The private constructor runs all of the static methods. I want to call the class's private constructor in another class, but I'm not able to. All I want is to run this class once without creating an instance of anything. The class populates a small database and I have no need for it other than calling it once.


Call private methods and private properties from outside a class in PHP
by rpanic in PHP

I want to access private methods and variables from outside the classes in very rare specific cases.

I've seen that this is not be possible although introspection is used.

The specific case is the next one:

I would like to have something like this:

class Console
final public static function run() {
while (TRUE !=

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