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PHP APNS Warning: pack() [function.pack]: Type H: illegal hex digit
Category : Programming Languages

i have the following code:

$message = $_GET["message"];
$zeilen = file ('tokens.txt');
foreach ($zeilen as $element) {
echo $element;
$deviceToken = $element; // Hier das Device-Token angeben, ist 64-stellig
$devideToken = dechex ($deviceToken);
$payload['aps'] = array('alert' => $message, 'badge' => 0, 'sound' => 'default');
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Is substitution performed on a variadic parameter pack type if the pack is empty?
Category : Programming Languages

Consider the following program:

#include <type_traits>
enum class dummy {};
template <typename T>
using EnableIf = typename std::enable_if<T::value, dummy>::type;
template <typename T>
using DisableIf = typename std::enable_if<!T::value, dummy>::type;
template <typename T>
struct dependent_true_type : std::tru

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How to resolve this git error: git upload-pack: unable to fork git-pack-objects
Category : Programming Languages
$ git pull
fatal: git upload-pack: unable to fork git-pack-objects
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: protocol error: bad pack header

I'm experiencing the above error, it is weird because this error is occuring on a machine where the repository is local. I can still push/pull from my computer to that remote machine. How can I resolve this sh

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How to convert products to product-with-pack-sizes using the largest pack size
Category : Databases

For a food online-ordering application, I have worked out how many ingridients we need (which we call StockItems), but need help converting that to what we should order based on what sizes they come in (which we call SupplierItems -- i.e. StockItems + PackSizes).

If we take apples as an example, we need to order 46 (that bit has already been worked out). But apples only come in boxe

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How to import/add icons from the icon pack/template pack into my android app?
Category : Android

I've downloaded the icons pack and the template pack from here: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/ui_guidelines/icon_design.html#templatespack
and the icon pack and other stuff from here: http://developer.android.com/design/downloads/index.html.

I don't know how to put them in my app.
Is it in the code?

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How do I convert Perl's pack 'Nc*' format to struct.pack for Python?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to convert a Perl script to python, and it uses quite a few different packs. I've been able to figure out the lettering differences in the "templates" for each one, but I'm having an issue with understanding how to handle Perl's lack of length declaration.



I don't see an analog

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Pack a list with string and int type use struct.pack python
Category : Programming Languages

Sorry for my english

i have a list like

[['string type','short int type','long int type','string type','float'],['Stackoverflow','32','0','any stringgg','55.0'],['anystring','16','1654657987984','striiingg','2.5']]

i call

['string type','short int type','long int type','string type','float']

is the first sub-li

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What Kind of Filling Do You Put in a Homemade Heat Pack or Ice Pack?
Category : Health
Homemade heat and ice packs work just as well as the store-bought variety, are simple to create and will cost you far less. With just a few common household items, it is possible to create a hot or cold compress that will bring immediate relief to swelling, aches and pains. But though easy to make, it is crucial to know what kinds of fillings to use. Traditional Ice Pack FillingsFrozen peas c

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How to Pack a Week Long Hiking Pack
Category : Sports & Fitness
Ensuring you have the right gear when going on a week long hiking trip is essential for comfort and safety. Be prepared for all types of weather, even if the forecast is fine. Carry extra food and water in wilderness areas in case you become lost and need to ration supplies. Gear required can vary depending on terrain and season. For example, if hiking in winter you will need warmer clothing and b

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How to Combine a Nintendo DS Rumble Pack & RAM Pack
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Nintendo DS offers several accessories, including a RAM Pack and a Rumble Pak. A RAM Pack adds extra memory while a Rumble Pak adds the shaking people associate with many console video games such as Madden, Mario Party, Snowboard Kids and Ms. Pac Man. Though Rumble Pak compatibility is common with console games, few DS games are compatible.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need<

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