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page within a page HTML - outer page doesn't change inner page can be scrolled
by Aravinth in Web Design

I have three columns [navigation][products][shopping cart]

I want the products section to be very long, so I can hit space bar and scroll down. But when I scroll down I want the navigation and the shopping cart to not move. What technique should I use to accomplish this?

How to find out if the loaded page is error page or valid page in System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser?
by Ph33zy in Programming Languages

I am using


control in C# for displaying some pages. I want to do some custom work when the user clicks on a url of a page which does not exist.

Basically I want to set some values when the browser displays the following message

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is curren

Auto refresh page to load external page and show progress bar until entire page is loaded
by DefDC in Web Design

My html page uses meta fresh to auto load an external website.However on different networks different time is taken.I would like a progress bar/loading gif to be shown until the ENTIRE page is loaded.

Any clues on how to do this?
Many thanks!!

How to convert an HTML page to .ASPX page and add/Remove Controls to it without changing the layout of the page
by Ansari in Programming Languages

Hello I'm a newbie for ASP.NET

I have a designed html page from another program, I want to convert the html into a asp.net aspx web form using visual web developer.

I have opened the page normally but it's difficult to move or replace controls in layout page, for example when I move a button, the design of page collapses.
How I can insert button or textbox into a

How to update Primefaces component in one page from command button in another page when both pages are included in one page
by zclin in Web Design

I have 2 pages


<h:outputText value="Name : "/>
<p:inputText id="name" value="#{inputBean.name}"/>

if cancan access is denied it displays an error page or movie to another page, how to stay on same page?
by Rast in Programming Languages

I have used cancan and i have used

rescue_from CanCan::AccessDenied do |exception|
flash[:error] = "Access denied!"
redirect_to root_url

in my application controller but i want to stay on the same page where i perform that action and if possible a pop up window just showing

you are not authorised to perform t

jQuery Mobile - How to create a new page with header and footer of current page and content loaded using ajax to provide Page-Transition
by Javier Pitalua in Coding

I'm using this template, where I created separated HTML pages rather than have all the tags in one single html file, so it's easier to edit.

I preload the content of the next page into the DOM so that i can load only the content of the page retaining the header, footer, navbar etc.
I'm not using jQuery Mobile's data-prefetch. I'm using custom js to preload.

Now how

if users press the browser's back button to reach the prior page..then page should display a message like “web page expired” in asp.ne
by Gogonez in Web Design

if users press the browser's back button to reach the prior page..then page should display a message like "web page expired" in asp.net

can i use javascript for this???

for example..

there are 4 pages in web sites. 1,2 and 3 can be back. but when the 4th page run then 4th page can not be back... when the user press browser's back button , diaplay ma message "

Is there any way to access page header,page footer and page content separately using libpoppler?
by Steven Weber in Programming Languages

I am using libpoppler to parse PDF file to plain text,and I want to output page header,page footer and content separately,how can I do this??
Is there any structure or class that hold them?

Thanks in advance!!

Can I add a “Go to App” button to my Facebook page, or migrate my page to an app community page?
by Christopher Harris in Development Tools & Services

I would like to have a Facebook page for my Facebook app with a "go to app" button. The problem is, our existing page does not have such a button.

One option would be to add the button to the page. Is there a way to do that?

The other option would be to create an app community through the developer app, and migrate the likes and URL from the old page. Is there a way t

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