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What Are Paired Stocks?
by wcf in Personal Finance
Paired stock trading is an advanced method of trading that uses two securities from the same "universe" or industry which typically trade similarly. One security is sold short while the other is simultaneously purchased (long). Profit can be realized regardless of market or sector movement if the correct pair is selected. Mean Reversion MethodologySome traders use quantitative analysis (statist
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Paired but without connection
by maniacalpha1-1 in Programming Languages

Im trying to connect a 2.2 android phone with a 4.1.2

It seems as if there's some problems though since my 2.2 phone says paired but not connected and when i try to run the method

Set<BluetoothDevice> pairedDevices = bluetoothAdapter.getBondedDevices();

On either device it crashes. Is there some problems with connecting a 2.2 phone with

Paired ToggleButtons in WPF
by Ubermateo in Programming Languages

I'm pretty sure someone will have done something like this before but have been hitting my head on this for a few days now, with little headway.

I have a WPF form which is being used to compare trades. The trades differ on certain "break" fields. The form is to be used to select one "lead" trade and one of the remaining trades is selected as the active break trade. On those fields t

Deleting from a paired list
by eroi in Programming Languages

I have a function that removes one list y from list x. The precondition is that the occurrence list y is a subset of x - any character appearing in y must appear in x, and its frequency in y must be <= its frequency in x.

The resulting value is an occurrence - meaning it is

What Are Line-Paired Electrons?
by Jesper in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In an atom, the valence shell is the outer shell of electrons that are part of the chemical bonding of atoms to form compounds. The outer electrons provide the atom with the strength to bond with other atoms. A pair of electrons are electrons on the same line or same orbital. There are different ways to show the line pairing of electrons in an atom or compound. Lewis Dot StructureIn a chemical

How Are Roommates at Colleges Paired?
by LittleCodeShop in Relationships & Family
Anticipating what your college roommate will be like can consume a prospective freshman's entire summer. Maybe you're haunted by images of early-morning push-up marathons or all-night drinking binges, or you worry that your roommate will be too messy or more academic-minded than you are. Traditional MethodMost colleges and universities send a questionnaire to incoming freshman. With the answers

How to Do a Paired Samples t-Test
by Barry in Education
A paired samples t-test compares the means of two variables. By running it in SPSS --- predictive analytics software from IBM --- you can find whether the difference between the two means is statistically significant, which will allow you to gauge if the same group tested similarly or differently on two different subjects, how much their answers varied and the standard error. Additionally, you wil

Language Lab Paired Activities
by igv in Education
Paired activities in the language lab help students apply what they've studied in the classroom by creating situations and conversations they likely will encounter where the target language is spoken. These activities -- which give students a simulated experience of studying abroad -- aim to aid students' competence in their language skills. Newspaper ArticlesInstruct students to read an Englis

get bluetooth paired devices
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

I would like to scan paired bluetooth devices to look for services before perform a discovery of new devices..

There's a way to get paired bluetooth devices with winsock?

Could you provide me a sample?


Convert a String to a paired vector?
by Henry in Programming Languages

I have a string:

1,a,2,b,3,c etc

I want to convert it to a pair vector:

std::vector<std::pair<int, QString> > myVector;

With 1 being the int and a being the string, 2 being the next int and b being the next string etc.


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