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Motels Near Palmer, MA
by nsavop in Travel
Palmer is a town in western Massachusetts, near Interstate 90. Attractions in the greater-Palmer area include the Brimfield antique market, the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield and a peach festival. Outdoor recreational opportunities are available at Lake George. Only one motel is located within the Palmer city limits. Wedgewood MotelThe Wedgewood Motel in Palmer does not allow smoking or
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How to Tie the Palmer Knot
by Paul McKee in Sports & Fitness
The Palmer knot, or Palomar knot, connects fishing lines to hooks and lures. Knots weaken fishing lines and a properly tied fishing knot minimizes the loss of strength in a line. The Palmer knot comes close to retaining nearly 100 percent of a line's original strength. Preventing the line from twisting while tying the knot helps retain more of the line's strength. With a little practice, even begi
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How to Use the Palmer Speaker Simulator
by Gábor in Electronics
The Palmer Speaker Simulator is used to receive audio signals from instruments and send the audio signals to another device, such as headphones, a stereo or a mixer. With the use of XLR cables, many instruments can be connected to the speaker simulator, and the signal from the device can be sent to two devices. The receiver is easy to use with the right equipment.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Thi

How to Identify Palmer Pigweed
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Home & Garden
Palmer amaranth"belongs to the pigweed family of plant-like weeds. Palmer pigweed typically grows in the desert Southwest, Southeast and Great Plains regions. The species can hybridize among its own species and resist potent herbicides. The South has considered it a pest weed, since it grows aggressively and competitively with other plant species. Farmers who maintain crops, or those who have ext

What is a Palmer Pizzelle Iron?
by el3ctron in Home & Garden
Have you ever had a thin, crisp cookie that is shaped like a snowflake? If you did, have you ever wondered how they were made? The cookie you are thinking of is actually called a pizzelle. There is actually an interesting origin to this cookie as well as how they are made. One of the most popular pieces of equipment used to make the pizzelle is the Palmer Pizzelle Iron. The Origin of the C. Pal

Palmer's Penstemon Facts
by Yst in Home & Garden
Palmer's penstemon, or Penstemon palmeri, occurs naturally in the deserts and mountains of the western United States and is widely cultivated in gardens for its showy flowers and resistance to drought conditions. This makes it valuable for xeric or low-water landscaping. Knowing facts about the growth habit and needs of Palmer's penstemon is vital to successfully growing it since the right soil, l

How to Make an Arnold Palmer
by Nulq in Food & Drink
How to Make an Arnold Palmer. The perfect solace on a hot afternoon is an Arnold Palmer, a beverage consisting of half iced tea and half lemonade. The drink gets its name from the famous golfer who said this drink is his favorite. Follow these steps to make your own Arnold Palmer.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Iced tea
Tall glass
Ice cubes

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Hotels in Palmer, Alaska
by Madmick in Travel
Nestled between the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountain ranges in south central Alaska, Palmer is a small vibrant town of 5,000 people located 42 miles northeast of Anchorage in the scenic Matanuska Valley. Palmer is home to the Alaska State Fair and the Musk Ox Farm, a local tourist attraction and farm that helps provide income for Alaska's native people, but the town is perhaps best known for its stu

Motels in Palmer Lake, CO
by denis280 in Travel
The town of Palmer Lake, Colorado (population 2,000) is located northwest of Colorado Springs on the edge of the Pike National Forest. Due to the size of Palmer Lake, lodging options within city limits are few, though there are plenty of options in the vicinity for travelers wanting a scenic mountain getaway. The Inn at Palmer DivideThe Inn at Palmer Divide is perhaps the best-known hotel in th
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How to Identify Palmer Pigweed by the Seeds
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Home & Garden
Palmer pigweed, or Palmer amaranth, is one of several species of Amaranthus weed. Pigweed can be difficult to kill, especially Palmer pigweed; proper identification of specific plant species can aid in the effective control of invasive populations. Differentiating among species of pigweed is difficult when merely looking at the plants. According to a September 2001 article in the University of Ill

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