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What Are Pampers Rewards?
by Carbito in Parenting
Diapering a baby will have an definite impact your weekly household budget. You can reduce the hit to your pocketbook by taking advantage of manufacturer rewards programs such as the Pamper Gifts to Grow Rewards Program. By purchasing diapers and other related products, you can receive bonuses that both you and your baby can enjoy. RegisterTo participate in the program, you need to create an ac

How to Do a Beer & Pampers Party
by Ertaz in Parenting
Beer and Pampers parties involve the father-to-be and his male friends in pre-baby festivities. Most men will not be interested in attending a baby shower for the mother-to-be, but do have some desire to be a part of the excitement. A beer and Pampers party solves that, allowing the men to get together and have fun. Each man brings a pack of Pampers for the father-to-be. You can easily plan your o
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Pampers Cake Instructions
by CrimsonGore in Holidays & Celebrations
The Pampers cake, commonly called a diaper cake, makes an impressive gift for expectant parents that doubles as a shower centerpiece. Styled to resemble a layer cake, the inedible Pampers cake is a popular way to give the utilitarian gift of diapers. Before you start, decide on a theme or color scheme and purchase the decorative materials accordingly. Making a diaper cake requires patience and cre

Pampers Party Gifts
by j0sh4tran in Parties & Entertaining
A "Pampers Party" is term for a baby shower given for a father-to-be. They're also called Daddy Diaper Showers and Pamper-and-Poker Parties. For your invitations, cut card stock to look like folded diapers and pin them shut with diaper pins. Serve "man food" like hamburgers or pizza. Ask the mom-to-be if the couple has a preferred style of diaper and instruct each guest to bring a package of thos

How to Transfer Pampers Points to Another Account
by James Lupiani in Parenting
The Pampers diaper manufacturing company has a reward program known as "Gifts to Grow" on its website. This program allows you to accumulate points by entering codes located in Pampers products. You can then redeem these points for various rewards. Although you cannot directly transfer rewards points from one existing Gifts to Grow account to another, you can transfer points to a new account that

How to Earn Rewards at Pampers Website
by youtube-api in Internet
You are going to buy a lot of diapers throughout your child's infancy. Each month a baby goes through hundreds of diapers and you'll find that it's a huge expense. If you buy the Pampers brand of diapers and baby products, you can earn rewards on their website.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Log on to the Pampers website. To begin earning rewards you need to join Pampers. Find the link to "Join Now

The Difference Between Pampers, Swaddlers & Cruisers
by Andrew Mattie in Parenting
With an aisle of diaper products to choose from, you may be confused about what is best for your baby. Pampers is a well-known brand with several options depending on your baby's age, size and activity level. Two of the company's choices are Swaddlers and Cruisers. Both diapers feature Pampers' Dry Max technology with a comfortable fit, but they are used during different stages of your baby's grow

The Differences in Pampers Cruisers & Swaddlers
by boomhower in Parenting
Pampers offers different diapers to meet your baby's needs, from newborn to crawler and beyond. Swaddlers are a choice for your newborn baby, offering special features designed for comfort and protection. Cruisers offer better protection and fit for your newly mobile baby. Pampers currently offers a Gifts to Grow program, offering reward points each time you purchase Swaddlers or Cruisers.

How to Get Free Pampers Baby Diapers
by DeeJay1 in Personal Finance
New babies are wonderful, but it is a bit shocking sometimes how much those diapers actually cost the first year. When I had my twins, I was thrilled to find a couple of ways to take advantage of free offers to get free Pampers and other free baby products. Whether you have a new baby or new twins or triplets, there are a couple of ways to get free diapers. I will share the ways that I've used

How to Make a Buggy With Pampers Diapers
by Mattias Reichel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Surprise a new mother with a unique twist on a traditional gift at a baby shower. New mothers can always use more diapers, but diapers can make for a rather boring gift. Create a baby carriage or buggy from a package of diapers and some other useful baby gifts to give new appeal to a package of diapers. Add just a few extra token gifts or fill the buggy with all the little things babies need.Diffi

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