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Google Map Bug: map mouseout event will be trigger when you hover your mouse on Zoom Panel, Pan Panel, Imagery Panel etc. Any workaround?
by Omer72 in Web Design

Google Map API v3 fires the mouseout event when you hover your mouse on Zoom Panel, Pan Panel,etc. I think these are part of the map. So, hovering there should not trigger the mouseout event. Here you see this in action,


Any workaround in plain javascript or jquery will be appreciated?
Bug Submitted at here.

Primeface panel inside a jstl <c:forEach loop is keeping the previous index of the collapsed panel on updating the panel from an external link
by mAuo in Programming Languages

I have a web page which contains a list of panels inside a jstl forEach loop. All panels are collapsed on loading the page. On expanding each panel i'm saving the collapsed state to the bean in order to refer it later. Im updating the the panel from a p:commandLink, but panels are shown expanded based on the previous index , not on the bean value. My requirement is the panel's collapsed propert

Extjs : How to combine Tab Panel and Menu panel in one Panel just like in Internet Explorer
by Demo24 in Web Design

I have requirement that I need to combine Tabs and menus in one panel just like IE.
Is this possible?

AJAX ModalPopup update panel contents based on change in panel controls
by JGKelly in Programming Languages

I have an AJAX Modal Popup panel that contains a RadioButtonList, 2 labels and 2 DropDowns. I want to update the Labels and DropDowns when a radio button is selected. My attempt at this posts back which causes the ajax popup to disappear.

aspx called on image click:

<asp:Panel ID="pnlModalContainer" runat="server">
<asp:RadioButtonList ID="rblTest"

Changing the contentURL of a panel based on the actions on the current page rendered on panel
by MJRider in Web Design

I am using Erik Vold's toolbar button. I have a panel anchored to it. When one of the links is clicked on the html static page rendered in the panel, I need to display something else in the same panel.

I am trying to use port API for message passing between addon-code and the html static page. On listening a certain event, I want to change the contentURL field of the panel:

Can a dollar amount value from an Editor Grid Panel be used to add or subtract from another field in the form panel?
by daveybrat in Development Tools & Services

I have an Editor Grid Panel inside a field set that is inside a form panel. I am using the Editor Grid Panel to record multiple Invoice line items that need to be added to the Invoice record.
What I need to do is take the dollar amount from the Editor Grid Panel(for each line item) and add (positive number) or subtract (negative number) to the field outside the Editor Grid Panel but insid

Get screen size include the source code panel/ debug panel using jquery
by boonchew in Web Design

Currently I am using these two codes to get the screen size,However, if the source code panel/debug panel is on. The size of the screen will exclude, how to include the source code bar in the screen size result? Thanks.

Also, is there anyway to get the actual screen resolution of the user screen? (in case the user

BorderLayout: Nested CENTER Panel Grows But does Not Resize Outer Panel
by cbrunny in Programming Languages

I have a main JPanel which implements Scrollable and uses a BorderLayout. It contains one NORTH readonly JEditorPane, one CENTER JPanel with a FlowLayout whereby JButtons are added dynamically, and one SOUTH JLabel, all added in that order. When many JButtons are added to the CENTER JPanel, the buttons wrap onto the next rows: the problem is that the vertical space exceeding one row taken up

Can You Use the Cutler Hammer Whole House Panel Surge Protector With Any Electrical Panel?
by rjbsmith in Home & Garden
A whole house surge protector -- such as the Cutler Hammer models from Eaton -- provides an additional level of protection to your home's electrical appliances and equipment. Commonly used strip surge protectors may not provide the protection you need as they can become overloaded by a large power surge and damage the home's circuits and appliances. A whole house surge protector will reduce the ef

Is there a way to add a link text or button to the panel header along with the panel title in Flex?
by dEXterz in Programming Languages

I have a panel in my application. My requirement is, I also require a link, that is "Help options" to appear in the panel's header. In the left, we will have the Panel's title and in the right corner, I need this link. Is that possible?

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