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how to include a url parameter inside a url parameter (It considers the nested parameter as parameter of the original request)
Category : Web Design

I wish to pass a url like :


I want to receive "redirect.jsp?sop=here&something=other" as the value of the parameter "message", but I only get "redirect.jsp?sop=here" at the server. It probably treats sop as another parameter for t

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how to carry culture parameter in url as routing parameter not request parameter?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to create a custom routing system ASP.NET MVC 4 project to make my website multilingual. and I want to carry culture parameter in url like localhost/en/controllerName/actionName. but the problem is when I write for example localhost/home routing engine supposes "home" as culture name. How can I solve this problem?

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getting “E2197 Constant object cannot be passed as var parameter” when passing var parameter
Category : Programming Languages

this code works fine:

procedure TForm2.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
Text: string;
begin SetLength (Text,555);
GetWindowText (getforegroundwindow, PChar (Text),555);
Form2.gtListBox1.Items.Add (
IntToStr (getforegroundwindow) + ': ' + Text);

but when i put

Text: string;

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boost::variant - Why a template parameter has higher precedence than a const string parameter
Category : Programming Languages

I am witnessing a behavior in the following code that I don't understand. The point is that if I declare the second overload of operator() like either of the following:

bool operator()(T other) const
bool operator()(const T &other) const

The output of program is:


But if I use the following declaration:

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MVC how can i create (10)multiple textbox and have one parameter assign to those text box. I also want to pass the parameter to my controller
Category : Programming Languages
public ActionResult Orders1(int order)
CostcoEntities1 context = new CostcoEntities1();
var query = from a in context.CM_Checkout_Details
where a.CheckoutDetails_ID == order
select a;
return View(query);

Hello everyone!!

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Passing a parameter in a Report's Open Event to a parameter query (Access 2007)
Category : Databases

I would like to know if there is a way to set the parameters in an Access 2007 query using VBA. I am new to using VBA in Access, and I have been tasked with adding a little piece of functionality to an existing app.

The issue I am having is that the same report can be called in two different places in the application. The first being on a command button on a data entry form, the oth

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hide parameter (query string) in url (htaccess) but send this parameter to a page (php)
Category : Web Design

How to hide parameters (query_string) in url but send them to page hidden, not visible in address bar

I have this:


i want:


but i want to get sent parameter in PHP $_GET['sent']

i tried to redirect to page with no parameters(

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Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) - add parameter name and type in parameter list
Category : Web Design

I cannot get the name of the parameter to show up in class diagram generated by 'Enterprise Architect' (Sparx Systems). I am trying to add a operation below

+ delayFight(numberOfMinutes: int) : Date

but after I add the parameter name and type, the operation is displayed as this

+ delayFight(int) : Date

Does anyone know ho

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How to encode an array as URL parameter, extract in in PHP and pass to Postgres as function parameter
Category : PHP

If I have a correctly working postgres function (similar to below);

package."func_SetValues"(id integer, values integer[])
i integer;
FOR i IN 1..array_upper(values, 1)
EXECUTE package."func_DoStuff"(id, values[i]);

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oracle stored procedure OUT parameter vs. postgresql pl/pgsql function OUT parameter
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to port oracle stored procedures (plsql) to a postgresql function (pl/pgsql).

In oracle I can define a stored procedure with IN and OUT parameters.

bar := 1

This will store a value of 1 in the var

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