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jQuery select a child from parent of parent of parent
by rgmarcha in Programming Languages

I have this custom menu I've just built:

<div class="select_input_wrap">
<div class="select_input_wrap_left">
<input class="select_input" type="text" id="search_topics" autocomplete="off" spellcheck="false">
<div class="select_input_wrap_right"></div>
<div class="clear"></div><

How do I get the Chart Series' Parent's Parent's Parent's detail?
by lwl_seu in Programming Languages

I am having some difficulties of getting the ancestor of a chart series on silverlight.

I can get the parent, but it is a type of Primitive, and then I can get to the parent of that parent by specifying the type, however, I am not sure how many level deep can that be when it reaches to the Chart, and I would like to get to the Chart.

Can someone guide me to do that in co

jQuery - can I dynamically change an elements parent? A a new element and make it the parent of a selection?
by msg in Web Design

I have a div #someDiv, can I create a new element and make #someDiv be its child? Basically I want to wrap a new element aound #someDiv. How do I do this?

$("#someDiv").appendTo($("<div id='newParent'></div>"));
// The intent is to move #someDiv into the new container
// The new container may or may not be in the same
// position in the DOM as #someDi

after_destroy callback of child saves dependency of parent, causes issues when parent is destroyed
by Mexico in Programming Languages

I have a situation where I would like to update a dependency of a parent object after another object has been destroyed. Here is an example of the class hierarchy:

class Parent < ActiveRecord::Base
has_one :info, :dependent => :destroy
has_many :conditions, :dependent => :destroy
class Info < ActiveRecord::Base

Powershell remoting using parent account on a Parent-child trust domain setup
by Nandor Devai in Programming Languages

PowerShell remoting hell with Parent-child trust domain setup. Let me see if I can explain my setup.
We have 2 domain setup and let call the parent domain “company.com” and the child domain “engineering.company.com”

We have all the main logons accounts on the parent domain “company.com” and this domain is own by IT and that is very lock down. On domain “engine

MySQL: Return parent rows conditionally on two children of that parent which are the same table
by maniacalpha1-1 in Databases

I have the following setup in MySQL:

Table Game: gameid, p1state, p2state
Table PlayerGamestate: playergamestateid, ready

p1state and p2state are foreign keys into PlayerGamestate. I want to return all Games which have BOTH p1state

joomla how to remove # from parent or how to make parent menu item unclickable
by rhinojosa in Programming Languages

I am a beginner in joomla I am creating menu with sub menu items. I have created everything but my problem is
on click of parent item page is trying to load with # how can I prevent that I have given parent item as external link with #

Calling Parent methods and accessing private variable in a Parent class?
by Igor Carron in Programming Languages

I'm trying to get the following code to work, but I can't find good-enough documentation on how C++ handles public vs. private inheritance to allow me to do what I want. If someone could explain why I can't access Parent::setSize(int) or Parent::size using private inheritance or Parent::size using public inheritance. To solve this, to I need a getS

Permission issues checking if parent site is my parent domain within iframe
by CraKaJaX in Web Design

I've read several of the questions on this but am still a little confused.
For example: OK, I can't post examples because of hyperlink limitations

Here is my exact situation.

I have a site at mydomain.com
One of the pages has an iframe to another page at sub.mydomain.com

I am trying to prepare an onload script that if the page is not in an iframe or

Florida Laws on a Parent Taking a Child Overnight Without the Other Parent Knowing
by kema in Legal
Custody orders and visitation arrangements should be reviewed when a parent takes a child overnight without the consent of the other parent. Reviewing the rights of the custodial and non-custodial parent are factors in understanding the best way to address the matter. Florida laws protect the best interest of the child. Florida's Child Custody LawsOn Oct. 1, 2008, Florida changed the terminolog

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