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New Jersey Visitation Rights for Non-custodial Parents When the Parents Are Not Married
by Surya in Legal
When one parent has sole physical custody of a child in New Jersey, the non-custodial parent usually has visitation rights. If the child's parents have never been married, however, the unmarried father generally needs to establish a legal relationship with the child before he can get visitation rights. A non-custodial parent with visitation rights can request changes to the visitation schedule or

jquery: can't get appendTo on parents() to work, may not understand parents() method?
by svn in Coding

The following code block does not work:

$("<span class="ideacount">").prependTo(chapter.parents(".chapter")).each( function(index) {
$(this).html((parseInt($(this).text() || 0)+1)+"");

where 'chapter' is a node that in this case is nested 5 elements deep among other elements of class 'chapter'.

Whereas this code behaves as

How to Write an Introductory Letter to the Bride's Parents From the Groom's Parents
by tangsty in Holidays & Celebrations
Writing a letter to the bride's parents is a kind gesture that shows your appreciation for the love and support she gives your son. It's also a good way to tell the bride's family about yourself so that they'll learn more about you and your son. When writing the letter, write in a respectful tone even if you don't like the bride's parents because this will leave a positive impression. Also, avoid

Select the parents of a DOM object, and Exclude the Children of the selected parents
by igv in Programming Languages

I'd like to display a dialogue when a user clicks out of the DOM object that holds my app.

I was thinking, I'd just put a one time click event on all parents and then trigger the dialogue with that.

Because the DOM object that I'm getting the parent's for is included, it's triggering the dialogue even when the object it's self is clicked.

I want to, in essenc

Do the Groom's Parents or Bride's Parents Walk Down the Aisle First?
by Vacant Space in Weddings
Weddings, the act of celebrating the union of two individuals, come with ceremonies and protocols to make them more romantic, formal and memorable. There are different types of wedding ceremonies, depending on the religious and cultural backgrounds of the bride and groom. Typically, the groom's parents are the first ones to walk the aisle before the bride's, however, some traditions provide variat

Money Tips for New Parents & Tax Breaks for Parents
by Rineau in Personal Finance
While new parents are flooded with pitches for everything from life insurance for the baby to educational software, financial advice is harder to come by. Common sense can guide new parents through many of the new expenses, but it can be difficult to sort through the tax considerations of the new arrival. Medical ExpensesFor many young parents, the birth of a baby may be the first time they hav

How to get Your Parents to get you Something
by joshboles in Relationships & Family
Sometimes you may need to resort to other, more underhanded tactics to get your way. Try the sensible approach first, but if that doesn't work, try a few of these tips to get your parents to get you something you want.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Catch your mother or father doing something they want to keep secret and blackmail them. Tell them you will keep their secret if they get you that

How to Tell If Your Parents Need Help
by George Garchagudashvili in Relationships & Family
Much of the time, your parents won't tell you if they need help. Sometimes it's pride that keeps them quiet; other times it's fear of being put in a nursing home or assisted living situation. But if your parents are getting older, you need to be on the lookout for certain signs that show your parents might need help. By keeping an eye out for changes in behavior, you'll be able to step in early on

How to Tell Your Parents You're Gay
by Matthew Steed in Holidays & Celebrations
Your parents have known you for a long time. Naturally, they have formed certain impressions of you. When you tell them that you're gay, it is likely to be a dramatic and significant moment in your relationship, regardless of their past impressions. It may not be easy, but your sensitivity, dignity and patience with them may help take your relationship to a new level of honesty in the future.Diffi
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How to Come Out to Your Parents
by Octopuss in Relationships & Family
"Coming out" to your parents means that you have now self-identified as a lesbian or gay man. Initiating this discussion with parents can be nerve-racking. It can also be the start of a more open and honest relationship with them.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Recruit some gay or lesbian friends who are willing to provide ongoing emotional support and feedback as you plan your coming out pr
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