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Hotels Near Hammam de la Mosquee de Paris in Paris
by StereoPixel in Travel
Le Hammam de la Mosquee de Paris offers steam baths at the oldest place of Islamic worship in Paris. People of all nationalities and religions are welcome to join in the experience of the steam baths. The services offered are traditional Arabic spa services, including massages, soaking in hot steam baths and exfoliation treatments. Men and women have separate days that they are allowed to enter Le

About Paris
by j0sh4tran in Travel
Paris, also known as the city of lights, is the capital of France and is located near the Seine river. Paris is one of the most popular cities in Europe. In fact, people come from all over the world to visit Paris; whether it be to study, work, fall in love or vacation. BenefitsOne of the benefits of visiting Paris is to learn more about French culture and to understand the region. Paris is a s
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How to Get Around in Paris
by Dirigible in Travel
Like almost any other major international city, Paris is extremely busy and crowded. The streets always seem to be congested, no matter the time of day, which can sometimes make getting from one place to the next a real challenge. Fortunately, there is a wide array of transportation choices that vary in cost and ease of use. Most visitors can utilize a combination of these choices to get to alm
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How to Eat Out for Cheap in Paris
by Hai Nguyen in Personal Finance
Paris, this fabled City of Romance offers a number of attractions such as the famous the Louvre museum, the Grand Palais, the Champs-Élysées promenade, the lush Luxembourg Garden, the underground Roman baths and of course, the Eiffel Tower's nightly light show. Broken up into arrondissement (areas), the city also has many discotheques and bars for nightlife, as well as cafes and restaura
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How to Use the Paris Metro
by Skurge in Travel
In Paris, the easiest and most efficient way to travel, is the Metro. Sometimes, though, it's still confusing to decide which line you should be on – and how to get there – to get where you want to go. Fortunately, with a just a little bit of direction, it will no longer be confusing.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Map of the Metro
A Map of Paris

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How to Use Plaster of Paris
by Rob Wright in Sports & Fitness
Named after a large gypsum deposit in Paris, plaster of Paris is a powdery white substance that hardens when mixed with water and left to dry. It's used by law enforcement agencies to transfer tire tracks and footprints, and it's also handy for making crafts. Even doctors use the substance, smoothing it over bandages on broken limbs to immobilize them until they heal. With a few supplies, you can
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What Is the Weather Usually Like in Paris?
by Spain in Travel
The weather in Paris, the capital of France, varies by season. Found in the center of the Ile de France region, Paris' temperate weather reflects its proximity to Brittany near the coast and Alsace, a mountainous region to the east. Visitors in Paris can generally expect summers with highs below 80 degrees F and temperatures barely above freezing in the winter. Rain in Paris can be erratic and com

About the Paris Commune
by avdempsey in Culture & Society
The Paris Commune was the government of Paris established in the early days of the French Revolution. It controlled power over the National Guard and thereby gained great strength in political affairs during the Legislative Assembly era. The leadership of the Commune used its position to great effect, sometimes massacring the citizenry when events proved too riotous or fears of counter-revolutio

The Top 10 Things to Do and See in Paris
by PeterYunZhang in Travel
With over 170 museums, 476 parks and gardens, dozens of historic monuments and some of the best shopping and fine dining in the world, you may be overwhelmed on how to spend your limited time in Paris. To plan your trip to Paris, prioritize attractions according to your interests, plot locations on a map and plan to visit close-by sites on the same day, and don't try to do too much on your trip. S
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How to Take a Trip to Paris
by William Burke in Travel
The Eiffel Tower, world-famous museums, delicious cuisine and dozens of displays of beautiful architecture make Paris one of the world's most popular cities to visit. Since trips to a different country can be expensive, several considerations must be made before the travel date to get the most out of your trip. A Paris experience can differ greatly depending on the time of year, so the time your v
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