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Parsing namespaces with clang: AST differences in when including a header in another source file or parsing it directly
by Grumpy Tim in Programming Languages

Sorry for the verbose question, but I can't see any other way to make it clear. I am writing a tool to transform C++ header files to SWIG interface files as a starter for further fine-tuning.

In the process of doing this, I've noticed some strange behavior by clang (v3.0). If I parse the header file I get a significantly different AST than if I parse a source file that includes th

apache.commons.fileuploads not parsing the request after one time parsing
by scott.sizemore in Programming Languages

i am submitting form with text and file types input fields and using this code to get text data

but the problem is that

List<FileItem> items = new ServletFileUpload(new DiskFileItemFactory()).parseRequest(request);
for (FileItem item : items) {
if (item.isFormField()) {
// Process normal fields here.
//Taking all text and doing task<

Parsing a document with BeautifulSoup while not-parsing the contents of <code> tags
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Programming Languages

I'm writing a blog app with Django. I want to enable comment writers to use some tags (like <strong>, a, et cetera) but disable all others.

In addition, I want to let them put code in <code> tags, and have pygments parse them.

For example, someone might write this comment:

I like this article, but the third code exampl

Parsing a reserved word in Parsing Expressive Grammar (PEG.js)
by RKelln in Programming Languages

The similar question and the author's website give me solutions like this:

Identifier "identifier"
= !ReservedWord [A-Za-z_]+
= "test"
/ "abc"

This solution can't parse an identifier like this "test_var".

In this example, the grammar !ReservedWord will exclusive all variables starting with "test" or "abc".

Parsing Error: There is problm while parsing the package, Avoidable or not
by Olympian Last in Programming Languages

I want to give a custome message like:

Upgrade your Android OS to Gingerbread 2.3.3

Rather than

Parsing Error, There is a problem parsing the package

Is there a way to check the device minsdk and application sdk and then decide, i did that but it already give the same error.

Parsing content from one table and then insert the result of parsing to another
by Isaac in Programming Languages

I have 2 tables :

Table document
| id_document | document_address | document_content |
| 1 | C |Example sentences A. Example sentences B.|
| 2 |

In JSON parsing i am having issue at the time of dynamic parsing
by ChrisMe in Mobile Programming

I can't get exact out put after JSON parsing.

strURLRootView is NSString Object of "RootViewController.m" class...

strURLRootView = txt_EnterURL.text;

strURLRank is also the NSString Object of "CheckRank_ViewController.m" class...

strURLRank = strURLRootView;

Parsing a String into Date with DateFormat not parsing correctly
by in Programming Languages

I've been searching all over and just can't find a explanation or reason why this is happening but the parse(String) method of DateFormat just isn't parsing my String correctly.

I'm trying to parse a String into the date format that is used for HTTP headers and got as far as getting the String on its own such as:

Thu, 11 Nov 2010 18:34:22 GMT


Parsing/Evaluating not to values, but saving the functions? So that parsing happens only once
by cbrunny in Programming Languages

I'm trying to implement spreadsheet like functionality where it maintains variables and updates them correctly when other variables or "cells" change.

The only implementation I have seen so far is one that stores the inputted data in a string and evaluates it, however when data changes and cells need to be recalculated it always needs to evaluate the strings again.


Manually parsing JSON before parsing to object
by ChrisMe in Web Design

I'm creating a DSL based on JSON and JavaScript and I have a requirement to let key values be specified 'raw' and not enclosed in string delimiters. A quick example that hopefully explains this:

{myKey:custom_function('arg1'), myKey2:custom_function("another arg1")}

should become

{myKey:"custom_function('arg1')", myKey2:"custom_function("anothe


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