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How to Use Party Celebration Clip Art for a Party Invitation or Party Flyer
by tiagoggama in Holidays & Celebrations
If you are planning to invite people to a party, you want to be sure that you convey a fun and exciting message. Graphic clip art is readily available on the Internet and selecting a piece to use is easy. Focus on design, color and style to make your invitation sparkle so that your guests will know that fun awaits them.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

What Kind of Things Would You Put in Party Favors for a Zebra-Themed Birthday Party?
by codelurker in Parties & Entertaining
Whether playing up the simple color scheme or the actual animal itself, zebra-themed parties provide countless opportunities for party supply ideas, including party favors. In keeping with the theme, place all the party favors in striped or alternating black and white gift bags. Many party supply stores offer a variation of the zebra pattern, substituting the white stripes for such bold colors as

Birthday Party Ideas for a Theme Cars Movie Party
by PliotronX in Parties & Entertaining
The Disney movie "Cars" is a fun theme for any children's birthday party. You can easily get decorations designed for your theme and you can create activities that perfectly fit your theme by modifying traditional party games to fit the "Cars" theme. Decorations and FoodYou can buy "Cars"-themed decorations from many retail and online party stores. Birthday in a Box has a "Cars" theme set that

How to Find Websites With Party Ideas for a Halloween Birthday Party
by demetris in Holidays & Celebrations
Halloween is a holiday celebrated every Oct. 31. The Celtic festival known as "Samhain" is the predecessor to Halloween, and it is a harvest festival where the ancient Celtics believed that, on Oct. 31, the boundaries between the living and dead overlapped. Costumes were worn to appease or mimic the evil spirits and bonfires were lit to attract insects and bats. Children born on or around Hallowee

How to Plan a Birthday Party for Elementary Age Children - Party Ideas!
by Ben Kohn in Holidays & Celebrations
Planning a birthday party for a younger child can be very challenging. Here are some tips to make the process fun.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
paper to make a list
internet (optional)
friends to help out a bit

A good place to begin is determining an appropriate theme for your child's big day. What are your child's favorite cha

Party Supplies for a Child's Fishing Trip Theme Party
by sdifox in Parties & Entertaining
Parents can plan a fishing trip-themed kid’s party with a host of child-friendly, inexpensive and home-made party supplies. When applicable, consider hosting the party at a pier-equipped beach or a lake outfitted with picnic facilities. In such an instance, remember to bring enough chaperones to ensure the safety of each child. DecorationsMade from a wooden stake, construction paper and p

Party Favor Ideas for Golden Wedding Anniversary Party
by Demo24 in Parties & Entertaining
The golden wedding anniversary celebrates 50 years of marriage. Many married couples and their families plan parties to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, given that it is such a milestone. A golden anniversary party is a great way of celebrating five decades of marriage, whether it is yours, your parents, or a friend's. Golden anniversary party favors give your guests something by which

Ideas for Children's Party Gift Packs or Party Giveaways
by Jammy in Parties & Entertaining
A children's party is a lively affair that can be quite exhausting for the party planner. Party gift packs or party favors for the other children may seem like just another time-consuming obligation, but you can utilize a number of ideas for party giveaways for the kids that are both simple and creative. Party Favor BagsTry some party favor bags. You can write the name of each child on a plain

How to Transform Home Into a Beach Party With Creative Party Decorating
by soonk in Parties & Entertaining
You may live in the mountains of Montana or the prairies of Kansas, but that doesn't have to stop you from throwing the best beach party ever. With some creative party decorating, you and your guests can take a mental vacation to the shore. It'll take some preparation and a bit of cash, but the experience of having your guests chill out on a beach towel wearing flip flops while sipping margaritas

How to Add a Personal Touch to Graduation Party Decorations WHILE the Party is in Progress
by Idaho in Holidays & Celebrations
If you want to add a personal touch to graduation party decorations, you can do so quickly and easily with this one simple tip!Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Polaroid camera
string or twine
clothes pins

Make sure you have a Polaroid camera with plenty of film on hand. Before the party begins, choose an area that is easily visible to everyone. It mi


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