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What Is a Variable High-Pass/Low-Pass/Full-Pass Crossover?
by Georgia in Electronics
In audio systems, drivers and speakers reproduce sound based on high, low or mid-range frequencies. This process is called the crossover effect and occurs because the vast majority of audio systems cannot cover the entire spectrum sufficiently to minimize sound distortion and maintain an appropriate frequency ratio. Variable CrossoversA variable crossover feature means that the listener can set

How do I pass the resulting files from one grep pass to another so that I only grep through the subset with the second pass?
by gitano in Operating Systems

I want to be able to take the files I found with my first grep statement, something like this for example:
grep -r Makefile *
And then pass the files found in that pass of grep to a second grep with something like this for example:
grep {files} '-lfoo'

How do I do this? I know there must be a way.

Thank you.

Is there a language with native pass-by-reference/pass-by-name semantics, which could be used in modern production applications?
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

This is a reopened question.

I look for a language and supporting platform for it, where the language could have pass-by-reference or pass-by-name semantics by default. I know the history a little, that there were Algol, Fortran and there still is C++ which could make it possible; but, basically, what I look for is something more modern and where the mentioned value pass methodology

I wanna pass the value's of my 2 dropdown lists to a query string and pass them to different forms
by imported_bman in Programming Languages

i have a form default.aspx in which im having 2 dropdown lists.
I have two more forms, daily.aspx and monthly.aspx. I wanna save the selected value of both the dropdown list in the tables of two forms. Each form has its own table. Im using a 3 tier architecture.I mostly wanna do it through query string.

Any suggestions.

Do C++ compilers optimize pass by const reference POD parameters into pass by copy?
by Jason Terhorst in C & C++ & C#

Consider the following:

struct Point {double x; double y;};
double complexComputation(const& Point p1, const Point& p2)
// p1 and p2 used frequently in computations

Do compilers optimize the pass-by-reference into pass-by-copy to prevent frequent dereferencing? In other words convert complexComputation into thi

Python script utilizing pass for exception handling, pass doesn't seem to function properly
by Ingo in Programming Languages

I am working on a script that is going to back-fill Call Detail Records from our asterisk system into our MySQL logs database. In the code below, I am trying to ignore the duplicate keys and continue onto the next row, however when this code executes all I ever see is the first row dupe warning then the script exits (example 2, below.) Is there a an obvious error that's causing it to fail?

How to Set High-Pass and Low-Pass Frequency Filters on a Car Stereo Receiver
by hochi in Cars
Many car audio stereo receivers on the market feature an integrated and user-adjustable crossover system, designed to route certain sound frequency ranges to specific speakers connected directly to the head unit, or through low-level outputs designated for external audio amplifiers. "High-pass" filters within a “two-way” crossover system work by restricting bass frequencies f

C#: Pass by reference in a constructor or pass as a parameter in through an update loop?
by Gogonez in Programming Languages

I have an object that I need updated data from in every update in a game loop (in C#). Is it better to pass-by-reference the object into the constructor of the object that performs the update loop so that the reference constantly has the up-to-date object,

or should I pass it normally as a parameter into the Update method (which is called every update)?

So this as a cons

C++ is there a difference between assignment inside a pass by value and pass by reference function?
by Switzerland in Programming Languages

Is there a difference between foo and bar:

class A
Object __o;
void foo(Object& o)
__o = o;
void bar(Object o)
__o = o;

As I understand it, foo performs no copy operation on object o when it is called, and one copy operation for assignment. Bar performs one copy o

How to pass a random User/Pass (for Basic Authentication) with JMeter?
by Shrek Qian in Programming Languages

I'm using JMeter to stress test an API. I've got Basic Authentication set up - seems to be working great.

Now, i'm trying to randomize the credentials that JMeter passes across the wire. So, there's two ways I know I can do this.

Add a custom HTTP Header (via an HTTP Header Manager Element) and set then value to the random fields (ie.

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