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Difference Between Asian Chili Paste & Thai Curry Paste
by Mpalle in Food & Drink
Although curries are often associated with South and Southeast Asia, many curries are prepared and eaten in East Asia. However, most South and Southeast Asian curries are made using either commercially produced or homemade pastes, while other curries are made from ground spices. Chili pastes, in their various forms, are used in almost all parts of Asia. SpicesThai curry paste, both green and re

How to copy-paste, and cut-paste file or folder in java?
by el-Capitan in Java

I made a desktop app in java with netbeans platform. In my app I want to give separate copy-paste and cut-paste option of file or folder.

So how can I do that? I tried Files.copy(new File("D:Pndat").toPath(),new File("D:212").toPath(), REPLACE_EXISTING);. But I don't get the exact output.

If there any other option then suggest me.

How to paste text using windows paste command to other application in c#?
by cynix in C & C++ & C#

How calling interop to paste text using windows pastse command to other application in c#?

calling interop?

i mean how to programing c# same right click to past text

EXCEL VBA Paste from array, change paste order
by jgood in Programming Languages

I'm wondering if there is a way that I can choose in wich order my columns will end up in when I run this code. I want the columns to end up in that order they are copied, but they paste in the order they are from the other sheet.
I have managed to swap the columns after they are pasted, but it requires so much code and the macro is slow as it is.

SearchString = "start"

Copy, Paste, Cut, Paste in C++ Windows Forms DataGridView
by George in C & C++ & C#

I am working on a project in 2010 C++ Windows Forms to plot a specific diagram. So far so good. The application is 70 percent completed but I think I have a big problem with DataGridView. Can anybody help me how to add copy/paste/cut/delete ability to the DataGridView control. I would appreciate if you answer me very clearly because I am self-learning C++ Windows Forms. I think the answer is co

How to Make Paste for Paper With Elmer's Art Paste
by terrestris in Hobbies, Games & Toys
You can use Elmer's art paste for many crafts while safe in the knowledge that the glue easily washes off your hands without spending hours pealing the sticky white stuff from your skin. Elmer's art paste is non-toxic, washable glue, which is safe for children. The powdered glue dissolves in water and you can store the liquid for later use. This glue suits applications involving paper such as coll

Change Copy and Paste Icons in WP7 and Add Custom Menus like Copy and paste in Windows phone
by Flip504 in Operating Systems

I want to change Copy and Paste Icons in Windows Phone 7 and also wants to add custom menus like Copy and paste in Windows phone For example Highlight, and bookmark etc in Webbrowser control.

Q1: Can i generate copy like control when text selected.
Q2: Can i add circle icons when text selected.

I have tried the List and windows phone 7 toolbar's contextmenu but i wa

Copy & Paste: Does Apple force me to use a standardized way of implementing Copy & Paste buttons/behavior?
by DesiPower in Mobile Programming

...i mean... will they reject my app if I simply make my own COPY button at the most appropriate place in my app, for copying something to the clipboard? Or must I do that with some standardized ugly way like shaking the luxury device to death for getting some copy/paste overlay?

Integrate Emacs copy/paste with System copy/paste
by Stjepan in Operating Systems

I have (cua-mode t) in my .emacs, so that C-c is copy and C-v is paste just like most other programs on my desktop (Ubuntu, Gnome, Linux). However, Emacs does not seem to share the clipboard/copy buffer with other programs.

For example, if I C-c in Firefox I can S-C-v to paste into a terminal or C-v to paste into gedit. However, if I C-v (or C-y) in emacs, I do not get what I copied

How to Cut & Paste From PDF
by Caleb Ames in Computers
The Portable Document Format (PDF) is used for documents you want to send electronically. It's a popular format because it can be viewed by anyone who owns a free PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, on their computer. The PDF also retains all formatting you may have done in another program and cannot be easily edited by other users. PDFs are created using Adobe Acrobat. Use Acrobat's Select tool to
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