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difference in physical path, root path, virutal path, relative virtual path, application path and aboslute path?
by ms-access in Programming Languages

I have some confusion in understanding what is different in various paths available in .Net for a resource.

I only guess Physical path is OS directory path for a resource. I am confuse and event can't tell about what path basically I need to use. Please help me.


Can I set the base path outside of my application directory when binding an image source path to a relative path in WPF?
by AtenRa in Programming Languages

So I'm trying to display an image that is ouside the path of my application. I only have a relative image path such as "images/background.png" but my images are somewhere else, I might want to choose that base location at runtime so that the binding maps to the proper folder. Such as "e:dataimagesackground.png" or "e:data hemeimagesackground.png"

<Image Source="{Binding Pa

In a Sql Bulk Insert statement, can we use relative path(filesa.txt) instead of absolute path(c:abca.txt) or networked universal path (\abca.txt)
by Leo in Network & Servers

I wanted to insert data in a table from a text file where it is stored in csv format to a sql server table. For that, I am using bulk-insert statement. Now I need to specify the file name in "From" clause. I don't want to use networked locations or local locations over there. I want to upload my text file in the same directory as my executable file and give a relative path to it. Is it possible

How to get absolute path from path with system path variables?
by Furchin in Programming Languages

Is there an easy way to translate a path with system path variables to an absolute path?

So %ProgramFiles%Internet Explorerhmmapi.dll becomes C:Program FilesInternet Explorerhmmapi.dll

I like to know if there is an API call that can do this, or do I have to do this the hard way and detect %..% sequences and replace them with the corresponding en

ANT: How to “add” path elements from one path into a second path?
by rcpratt in Programming Languages

I have an ANT build xml file which includes a path declaration with numerous path elements. I would like to declare a second path that "includes" somehow all the elements from the former path into its own. That would then allow me to just the later path rather than requiring me to include both when paths are required.

Without copying all the elements from the former path into the la

sass-rails image-path & asset-path showing incorrect path for image when asset host provided
by wcf in Web Design

When using the image-path helper method in sass-rails

An scss statement like this:


generates a weird url like this:


where the www3.myassets.com is coming from the asset host property set on the environment.

Why is this happening? I expect

Get UNC path from a local path or mapped path
by john in Programming Languages

In Delphi there is a function ExpandUNCFileName that takes in a filename and converts it into the UNC equivalent. It expands mapped drives and skips local and already expanded locations.


C:FolderText.txt -> C:FolderText.txt

L:FolderSample.txt -> serverFolder1FolderSample.txt Where L: is mapped to serverFolder1

serverFolderSample.odf -> server

How to save one file from one path to another path? Without removing file from original path using C#
by camt in C & C++ & C#

I want to save one file from one path to another path.


Original path : C:File.txt

New path : D:FolderFile.txt

Can i use:

File.Move("C:File.txt", "D:FolderFile.txt");

But i think this will remove file from original path. (C#)

C# ASP.NET File.OpenRead from UNC path: “Access to path…is denied.”
by dagar in ASP & ASP.net

I'm attempting to read a PDF from a UNC path, i.e.

My virtual directory ASP.NET site is being run under IUSR_machine_name.
Has anonymous access enabled as well.

I gave IUSR_machine_name full rights to the UNC share and as I step through my ASP.NET page's code behind onto the File.OpenRea

How to pass files to script with glob AND specific path, with error if path does not exist?
by crazy2383 in Programming Languages

I have a script that usually needs to perform one of two tasks: 1) process a bunch of files with paths expanded from a wildcard expansion. 2) process specific files with definite paths. I've been using glob to handle the wildcard expansion, but this raises a problem. Because glob only returns paths that actually exist, the code won't generate an error if a specific path to a nonexistent file is


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