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paypal:how to acknowledge my application for every paypal recurring payment period in soap java
by riahc3 in Java

how my java application ackowledges every billing period transaction

simply for every month how my application knows whether transaction is succeeded or not

.ex: for every 2nd of month i bill must pay in that day how my application executes without manual checkings

Does PayPal include payment integration options that do not require showing PayPal to the user?
by Julian Ivanov in Development Tools & Services

We are looking to replace our usage of Authorize.net. I've spent a good deal of time looking into the PayPal documentation but can't find a clear answer to my question:

Using the thousands tens of different PayPal APIs is it possible to have a checkout process that is hosted on our site, where we capture and process the credit card information from the customer without the customer

How do I test “checkout without a PayPal account” on PayPal sandbox site?
by rgmarcha in Development Tools & Services

A customer reported that he couldn't pay for our service using Paypal until he created a Paypal account. Since we have the necessary setting enabled that's something that needs debugging.

I'd like to reproduce the problem on https://developer.paypal.com/ but I don't see how to "pay" without either logging into account or creating an account there.

How do I test "checkout

ASPDotNetStoreFront and PayPal Express: order details are not displayed when client is redirected to PayPal
by TRobison in Programming Languages

I enabled the PayPal Express payment in ASPDotNetStoreFront, and when the client gets redirected to PayPal the following message appears in the order summary area, instead of the order items and total:

You'll be able to see your order details before you pay.

I found out that this has to do with the request that is being sent by ASPDotNetStoreFront, so my question is: can

getting no return data on notification url from paypal in adaptive paypal chained payment
by CakeMonster in Programming Languages

I am using chained method of adaptive payment:
params are like this:

$bodyparams = array("requestEnvelope.errorLanguage" => "en_US",
"actionType" => "PAY",
"currencyCode" => "USD",
"cancelUrl" => "www.example.com/courses/cancelPurchase/",
"returnUrl" => "www.example.com/courses/buyCourse/" .

Does PayPal's Subscription Button require users to create a PayPal account?
by davidar in Development Tools & Services

I need to setup recurring billing for a service I provide on my site. The subscription button of PayPal seems like a great solution, however I don't want my users to create an unnecessary PayPal account. I want them to simply enter the minimal amount of information for the payment to occur (their credit card info).

Does PayPal provide this functionality?

ps: I don't min

Asp.net How can i get the transaction history of paypal account on my website using paypal email id and password
by IndyColtsFan in Programming Languages

Asp.net How can i get the transaction history of paypal account on my website using paypal email id and password.As I want to Import the Paypal transaction logs in my website for financial management on my site...

PayPal Cart Upload - Link to return to pay later if the user clicks away from PayPal
by Mansur in Programming Languages

Using the PayPal cart upload and IPN system works great, what I am wondering now is if there is a way for the customer to return to the payment screen with the correct items in the cart if they were to close the PayPal window or just want come back to pay at another time, rather than right after the transaction.

I can't imagine that the situation would come up often, but it would be

Paypal IPN listener always returns INVALID, yet transaction is successful in live paypal
by onurtopcu in Programming Languages

I'm working with the paypal adaptive payments and my IPN listener worked fine in the sandbox, but now that we're testing live transactions, it always returns "INVALID", but the actual money has been transferred.

Any help on why I always receive "INVALD" is appreciated.

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
class Paypal_ipn

Does Paypal process credit/debit cards in Android applications without logging into a paypal account and how?
by dantino in Android

Ok, I called paypal today and asked them if they can take debit/credit cards through a mobile application. They said no. However, online people write it like there is a way.

Also, I emailed a mobile company pretending I didn't feel secure about giving them my card info and asked them how they were taking credit/debit cards through their application and they responded that they used

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