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Create Virtual Directory and Set Permissions IIS7 - Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions
by mvonballmo in Web Design

I am trying to create a virtual directory and set it's permissions using IIS7 and C#. Here is a sample of my code:

using (ServerManager serverManager = new ServerManager(webSite))
ConfigurationSection anonymousAuthenticationSection =

paypal permissions send response if user remove permissions?
by Brian Drum in Development Tools & Services

With adaptive payments api if a user make an action for example make a refund, or cancel a pre-approved payment from his paypal account, paypal send a response to my web app.

In this way, my web app have a record of what the user is doing on his paypal account.

However, I am using paypal permissions api and a user can give to my web app permissions to make a refund, get

Facebook SDK 3.0 permissions array for FBSession holds wrong permissions
by micaleel in Mobile Programming

With Facebook sdk 3.1 I want to make sure that the app has the "publish_stream" right just before i send the post request.

The problem is [FBSession.activeSession.permissions indexOfObject:@"publish_stream"] never return NSNotFound even if the user chooses allow none during login.This causes a problem naturally because i assume that i have the right to send the post but it returns

Django Inlines user permissions + view only - permissions issues
by nishar7 in Programming Languages

I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just missing something (although I have already parsed the documentation about inlines), but:

Let's say I have a model A. Model A is an inline of model B. User U has full access to model B, but only change permissions to model A (so, no add, nor delete).

However, when editing model B, user U can still see the "Add another A" link at t

fine-grained permissions; PrincipalPermission - roles seperate from permissions;
by eastcoastj in Programming Languages

I've been using PrincipalPermission for a while in wcf services.
[PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role = SecurityRoles.CanManageUsers)]

Our roles are prefixed with: Can* and is how we achieve fine grained actions control with the built in asp.net membership system.

This makes it hard to know as a business unit what fine grained roles we can give to a user

How to launch program with user permissions instead of active permissions
by ti22 in Programming Languages

I have a C# application which runs and displays a tray icon. I have an installer for my tray application which launches the application after installation. The installer requires admin permissions whereas the tray icon must be run with normal permissions. My installer currently breaks this - when the installed tray application is launched it inherits admin permissions from the installer process

JS SDK - Compare app setting permissions to the user's granted permissions
by mikhaelrasputin in Web Design

I have a page tab app that was originally built to be totally open, now requires certain permissions from those who install it (page admins).

I've run into a rather unique problem now that we want to get permission from the installer so that the app can post to their page wall (not their personal timeline). These are the issues:

The app is only to ask for permission fro

Cross database permissions through stored procedure permissions
by zdyne in Databases

I have a stored procedure set up in DATABASE1 that among other things makes a call to a stored procedure call sp_start_job (this is a stored procedure in the msdb database that will fire off an agent job).

I have created a proxy login and mapped this login to user accounts in msdb and DATABASE1 databases.

In my original stored procedure,

does sharepoint have itemwise permissions , just like it has list wise permissions
by taekeun in Programming Languages

( Regarding Moss 2007 )

i have created a sharepoint list in which one column is called user assigned - this is a lookup column of type - people and group.

i select the users from active directory to enter this field of the list.

So different items in this list have different users assigned

I have create permissions for this list to be read and wri

Rails permissions: different types of permissions to different models
by Mcad in Development Tools & Services

I'm in the middle of rewriting some Rails 3 application logic, and I want to pick your brains about my DB modeling.

In my app, a User can have access to a Page, Group and a Picture. This is pretty easy to do as polymorphic associations:

class Permission < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :resource, :polymorphic => true
belongs_to :user

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