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How to Introduce New Pets to Older Pets in the Home
by Kishore in Pets
When new pets come into the family it can be a problem for the older pets that are already living in the household. If the right steps are not followed than one of the pets usually the new pet can get seriously injured. This can be costly and have a huge impact on how safe the new pet feels.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions How to Introduce New Pets to Older Pets in the HomePut th

How to Control the Pets on the Sims 2: Pets
by WellBeing in Computers
Electronic Arts' Sims 2 Pets expands the Sims 2 universe. Players can raise, train and breed pets. Create entirely new pets with the game. Players can modify body type, face shape, markings, personality, paws and fur color. Just like humans, pets can pass their genetic traits to their offspring. Players can train generations of movie, rescue or security dogs.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Create a

What Are Purple Pets and Yellow Pets on "Moshi Monsters"?
by Max Derov in Internet
In the online browser-based game “Moshi Monsters,” you can adopt and care for one of six pet monsters. Once you've chosen a pet, you can care for it, play games with it, interact with pet-owning friends and customize your own virtual living space. “Moshi Monsters” offers pets in many colors of the rainbow, though some monsters start off with purple and yellow hues without a

Pets That Need Help
by rascator in Pets
It can cost up to $10,350 per year to keep a dog, according to petfinder.com. Keeping a pet needs financial commitment to its health and general welfare. Because of the high cost of maintenance, 10 million pets get abandoned or neglected each year by owners facing financial difficulties, according to Feral Cat Coalition. Finding a Home for a Pet in NeedThe 2008-09 economic downturn triggered by
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How to Help Pets Get Along
by naemi in Pets
Introducing a new pet to your household can be a nerve-wracking experience for both you and your existing pets. Older, more established cats or dogs may look at any newcomers with suspicion and jealousy. To keep the uproar to a minimum, here are some tips to help pets get along.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Introduce them slowly. Keep your new pet in a separate room until your other pets get
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What Are ADA Pets?
by JustinDSN in Health
Americans with Disabilities Act service and guide animals are not pets. According to the March 11, 2011 Federal Register, "A pet or support animal may be able to discern that the individual is in distress, but it is what the animal is trained to do in response to this awareness that distinguishes a service animal from an observant pet or support animal.'' The ADA defines service and guide animals
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How to Fly With Pets
by Triumph in Travel
Many people can't imagine taking a family vacation and leaving behind one of the most important members. However, bringing Fido along for the journey can be a bit tricky. Flying with a pet is possible, but the options are as varied as dog breeds. Be sure you consult your airline about their policies regarding pets before making any reservations.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Thin
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Herbicides and Pets
by Nulq in Pets
You take care of your pets by making sure your dog or cat doesn't get into dangerous poisons or chew on electrical cords. But a serious danger might be under your pet's feet. Herbicides can be highly toxic to pets, and exposing your dog and cat may cause them to get very sick or even die. SignificanceIn 2009, the ASPCA's Poison Control Hot Line handled 2,329 calls pertaining to fertilizer expos
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Which Airlines Allow Pets?
by Phil Austin in Travel
Ideally, your pet would sit in your lap in the cabin of the airplane. This is by far the safest, least stressful way for your pet to travel by air. However, this is not the case on most U.S. airlines. Large dogs and "exotic" animals such as rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs are rarely allowed in the cabin, and most airlines only allow one small dog or cat to travel with you. Most airlines require y

Cruises That Allow Pets
by Jarques in Travel
For many pet owners, their pets are family. Therefore, some pet owners would prefer to go on vacation if they can bring their pets and know someone will care for them. Many cruises might not offer kennel programs for pets to go on vacation with their families. In fact, most cruise lines only offer accommodations for service animals aboard their ships, if the animals also satisfy necessary requirem

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