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How to Block My Phone Number on AT&T When I Make a Phone Call From My Home Phone
by clamum in Electronics
Caller ID block is a feature that enables users to hide their phone number on the caller ID of another phone. AT&T home phones offer two types of caller ID blocks: temporary caller ID block and permanent caller ID block. A temporary block is only effective for the next phone number that you dial on your phone. On the other hand, permanent block hides your number permanently, unless you enable Call

How can i get phone info such as the language of the phone and phone operator in Corona?
by Dennis in Web Design

I want to retrive the info form the phones that which operator it uses and what's the language of phone? What should i search about it? I couldn't find any info.

How to Forward Phone Calls From a Comcast Phone to a Cell Phone
by chetansha in Electronics
It's not uncommon for people to have both a home telephone and a cell phone, and sometimes you need to forward the calls coming in on your home telephone to your cell phone. Comcast phones give you two options to do this. You can dial the forward command directly into your telephone, or if you have Comcast Internet service along with your telephone service, you can set call forwarding through thei

How to Move a Phone Extension to Another Phone on a Nortel Phone System
by Dan Becker in Electronics
The Nortel phone system is designed for large businesses that deal with customers and other businesses. It includes a variety of features such as voicemail, speakerphone, conference calls and 32 digital telephone extensions. The Nortel phone system also has an LCD display that allows you to see the extensions you dial. You can move a phone extension to another phone by dialing the extension from a

Is there any online phone database with a decent api? One which provides phone info? specifically the image of the phone. I found a few decent
by Mark in Development Tools & Services

Is there any online phone database with a decent api? One which provides phone info?specifically, I need the image of the phone. I found a few sites online that does offer the images of the phone, but I would have to scrape it off the site. Which I am gonna keep as the last resort.

Basically looking for something similar to omdb(Open Movie Database) but for phones.

How to Know If Your Phone Is a Feature Phone or a Smart Phone?
by rixtertech in Electronics
Cellular phones fall into two categories: smart phones, which are basically computers with built-in phones -- they have advanced features and can run applications; and feature phones, which are cellular phones that do not qualify as smart phones -- they may have a few extra bells and whistles to keep their users happy, but they are primarily just phones.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Check if your

How can a Windows Phone 7 application register for push service updates when the phone starts?
by ChristianM in Operating Systems

I have a WP7 app and want it to register for push notifications when the phone starts up?

Image I have some kind of messaging app, and don't want to force the user to click the tile to sign in and register for push notifications.

Are there any events that happen on startup that would give me access to my application?

I'm extremely lazy, and if I had a WP7 pho

Checking whether a Flex Mobile app is running on a phone-enabled device with a SIM / Phone Dialler?
by brennen in Programming Languages

I have developed a simple Contact Database app, which will run across iOS, Android & Playbook, on mobiles and tablets. Data is pulled from a local SQLite db. On the full record page, there is a 'Phone this company' button. I want to be able to check whether the device has a sim card in it, and then enable/disable this button dependent on the result. ie if running on a regular phone (or a ta

How to change soft input panel (SIP) to digits only (phone dialer) on Windows Phone 7?
by Jan D in Operating Systems

I have an application where user is adviced to write numbers only in a textBox. However, on textBox GotFocus-attribute I end up with a regular keyboard. How can I change this to phone dialer input, or a number-only input?


How to Make a Phone Call on a Virgin Mobile XTC Phone That Has No Numbers on the Front Screen
by DOOR3 James in Electronics
The Kyocera XTC cell phone is a side-flip phone that is used on the Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone network. The phone's QWERTY keypad can be used to make phone calls as well as input data, such as messages and Web addresses, into the phone's Internet browser. The QWERTY keypad is similar to the keyboard used for a computer. Many buttons on a phone's keyboard have more than one function, dependin

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