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Mobile device testing for BlackBerry smart phones - acquiring test phones
by Victorian Gray in Web Design

I have been developing a BlackBerry application for about 7 months, and I have started to do a lot of testing.

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to test my application on different BlackBerry devices (without having to purchase them)? I have the BlackBerry Tour and the BlackBerry Storm, but I can only have my Verizon network on one at a time.

Is there a specifi

How to Convert Cell Phones Into Conference Speaker Phones
by Peter H in Electronics
Cell phones offer an array of valuable tools and features, and for most that includes the option of conference calling. Conference calling from a cell phone can be convenient, because if you need to talk with multiple employees or coworkers at the same time immediately, or otherwise are not able to be in the same place at once, you can convert your cell phones into conference speaker phones and co

How to Switch From Land Phones to Cell Phones
by alphamars in Electronics
Cell phone technology has improved to the point that the land line phone has become obsolete or unnecessary for a growing number of consumers of all ages. People 18 to 24 are leading the trend to ditch the land line, whereas people older than 65 are the group most likely to keep their land lines, according to a report in Electronic House, a home tech magazine and website. Cell phones have the adv

How to Merge Cell Phones & Home Phones
by Brent Robinett in Electronics
Merging your cell phone and home phone is good practice for both consolidating calls to one source and prevention of missed calls. The process of merging calls is as simple as having calls to your home phone forwarded to your cell phone. This will bring all calls to your cell phone to be received whether you are at home or on the go. The process is simple to do and easily reversed.Difficulty:Moder

The Advantages of Landline Phones Over Cell Phones
by bicho44 in Electronics
According to a 2008 study by Nielsen Mobile, the number of U.S. households that dropped land lines and use cell phones exclusively is nearly 20 percent. Landline phones have several advantages over cell phones, however, despite the rise of the cell phone's popularity. You should consider the advantages of using a landline before making the switch to cell phone only. Greater ReliabilityEven with

How to Ditch Landline Phones for Mobile Phones
by jaredsmiller in Electronics
In many parts of the world, cell phones have replaced landlines as the primary method of communication. The cost of installing copper cable and infrastructure was higher than the cost of installing additional cellular phone capacity. As cellular costs drop in North America, dropping your landline in favor of cellular communication is becoming economically viable.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Thin

Differences Between Smart Phones & Feature Phones
by Gábor in Electronics
Cell phones are nearly ubiquitous in the modern world, but not all phones are made the same. Early phone manufacturers competed on the features of their phones. These feature phones had the benefit of being free or extremely low priced with a monthly contract. As mobile computing developed, however, some people wanted the ability to send and receive emails or browse the Internet on their phones. P

VoIP Phones Vs. Regular Phones
by Valentine in Computers
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, which allow the user to make telephone calls via the Internet to other users, are increasingly rivaling conventional cell phones. There are a number of differences between VoIP phones and cell phones. Weighing up the pros and cons of each can help you decide which type to use. CostMost calls from a regular cell phone are not free. Local calls via a Vo

Cell Phones Vs. House Phones
by RockinZ28 in Home & Garden
If you're trying to decide whether to choose a land-line telephone or cell phone for your exclusive service, important considerations include flexibility, reliability, emergency assistance access and personal-use patterns. In most cases, the advantages and disadvantages to either type of phone will depend on individual circumstances. Telephone Usage: GeneralThe prevailing pattern for American

Smart Phones Vs. Keyboarded Phones
by tangsty in Electronics
Smart Phones are capable of running third-party applications and run on an operating system. Keyboarded phones may or may not have operating systems, but are touted as convenient for heavy text users. FunctionalitySmart phones are able to run third-party programs that allow users to go online, run applications and perform many of the functions that computers do, although on a different scale an

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