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How to Become an AP Photographer
by jazzyfox in Arts & Entertainment
The Associated Press is a cooperative news agency that provides content to newspapers, television and radio. AP photographers work all over the world, around the clock capturing images that help relate the latest news and current happenings. It is one of the most esteemed news organizations that a photojournalist can work for. To be an AP photographer, you must have a talent for telling stories th

How to Become Photographer for the NFL
by destrekor in Careers & Job Searching
Are you a photographer who loves football? Have you ever wanted to become an NFL photographer? This article will give you some advice on how to advance your carreer towards obtaining that goal.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Create a portfolio of action sports shots. Go down to your local peewee football team and take all of your camera equipment with you. Ask the coaches if they mind if you

How to Be a Top Photographer
by vferman in Careers & Job Searching
It is hard enough to be considered an average photographer, let alone a top one. That doesn't make it impossible, however. There are things that you can do that will increase your chances of becoming a respected photographer. Top photographers can make good money with their pictures. If you are serious about making it, be sure you take the time to do what it takes.Difficulty:Moderately Challen
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How to Become a Well Known Photographer
by FallenHero in Arts & Entertainment
These days, the Internet can help ordinary people become well known and highly regarded for their individual abilities, including artistic skills like photography. Having a blog or a website that features your work and credentials will help boost your recognition within the photography community. Read on for more tips on how to become a well-known photographer.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInst

What Is the Job of a Photographer?
by Krysole in Careers & Job Searching
Professional photographers use cameras to capture breaking news, special moments or to sell products. Photographers can work in the news industry for newspapers, magazines or the Internet. Photographers can also work in the advertising business or on their own as freelance photographers. Freelance photographers earn income by accepting assignments from more than one employer. While some photograph

How to Become a Pet Photographer
by tontod in Pets
Pet photographers must be patient and passionate about working with animals. A career in pet photography can be rewarding but frustrating, since your subjects and the money can be unpredictable.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Computer for digital editing (if desired)
Assortment of pet treats, pet toys and pet clothing

Learn photography basi

What Is a 3D Photographer?
by Pradeep Gowda in Arts & Entertainment
Three-dimensional photography is a way of capturing an image with two different shots that combine together to create a holographic effect. Also known as stereo photography, 3D photos capture the same scene twice from slightly different position to create a cross-eye effect by tricking your brain into seeing a 3D image. These photographers have special techniques for setting up two simultaneous sh

How to Become an Art Photographer
by Maine in Arts & Entertainment
Art photography is a creative and fulfilling art form that many people attempt to become successful in, but few reach success. To become an art photographer, one must be dedicated, creative and possess a certain amount of technical knowledge.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Attain a camera, either a digital or a film camera. Learn the basics of camera operation so you can begin catalogin

Being a Photographer
by ShayH in Careers & Job Searching
Each and every day photographers around the world bring us pictures of political, sporting and news events. Other photographers shoot advertising campaigns or stock photos that may appear in brochures, calendars or textbooks. Portrait and wedding photographers work with families and young couples as they start a life together. Whenever you see a picture, it was likely taken by a professional photo

How to Become a Better Photographer
by Matthias in Arts & Entertainment
How to Become a Better Photographer. One of the eHow's most searched topics in photography is how to be a better photographer. At first, I thought this was an impossible topic to address. Photography has so many variables that I thought it would take books to answer the question. As I thought about it more, I realized that it could be broken down into seven general categories or steps. Some may th

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