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How to Use Pinnacle 11
by joshboles in Computers
Pinnacle 11 is the home-based video-editing software from Avid designed to be more user-friendly than the company's larger and more powerful editing systems. Pinnacle 11 can do anything from import video to add transition effects and produce a final product.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Import the video footage in either two different ways. If the video is already on the computer click
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What Can Be Done With Pinnacle 11.1?
by lietkynes in Computers
The Pinnacle Studio software is a video-authoring software released by Pinnacle systems. Version 11---the most popular version---was released in 2007. This version featured additional capabilities and functionalities such as compatibility with Windows Vista OS, HDDVD/AVCHD format editing and burning, hi-fi audio generation, and automated Web publishing. Version 11 is no longer available for sale a

How to Log in to Pinnacle
by Matthiasa in Computers
Pinnacle is an online database service that allows teachers to issue grades and test scores to students online. Pinnacle is in use in a number of different schools and even on college campuses around the country. If you're trying to log in to your Pinnacle account, use the Pinnacle site that is unique to your specific school, school district or university with your own unique information.Difficult
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GBC Pinnacle 27 Instructions
by Texas in Computers
If you have a business that requires you to laminate a lot of materials -- such as cards, pictures or posters -- you may want to invest in a professional laminator, such as a GBC Pinnacle 27. A desktop machine about the size of a large printer, it operates on a roller system that allows you to feed the material into the machine to quickly laminate it.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Place the la

How to Troubleshoot a Pinnacle Hot Tub
by GunnarHafdal in Home & Garden
A Pinnacle hot tub possesses the weaknesses found in any hot tub -- moving water and moving parts can become contaminated or malfunction to make the experience both unfriendly as well as potentially harmful. You can troubleshoot a Pinnacle hot tub that is not performing correctly to discern what the problem is. A few household tools and some supplies from a hot tub/spa center will be needed.Diffic

Pinnacle 29 Specs
by ugufugu in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Pinnacle 29 is a type of sail that was first introduced in 1985. The designer, Doug Peterson, is a famed sailboat racer and champion. This particular sail is designed for a fin-keeled bay racer, but can be used easily for a cruiser as well. MainsailThe Pinnacle 29 has a mainsail of 37 feet tall, measured from the top of the masthead to the bottom of the boom. The bottom length of the sail f
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How to: Utgarde Pinnacle
by Darin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Utgarde Pinnacle is a five-player dungeon in "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King" available for level 80 players in normal and heroic mode. It contains four bosses, one of which is the king of the Vrykul in Northrend, King Ymiron. Before the addition of Trial of the Champion and the Icecrown Citadel dungeons, Utgarde Pinnacle was considered to be the most difficult five-man dungeon in the e
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How to Troubleshoot a Pinnacle Spa
by unadopted in Home & Garden
Pinnacle Spas are portable and come equipped with many features, including surround lighting, built-in speakers and an in-line sanitation system. To troubleshoot problems and keep your spa in good working order, run through a simple checklist. This might include cleaning the water filter, eliminating bacteria and odors and diagnosing error messages. Consult your Pinnacle Spa manual for a full run-

How to Stop Lag in Pinnacle
by Bulk Beef in Computers
Pinnacle Studio is a computer program that lets you edit your videos. You can edit a series of clips into one long movie, add music to a clip, delete segments of a clip and more. If the playback function of Pinnacle is experiencing lag and slowdown, this is likely due to a few common issues that video editing programs have with your computer and with the Windows operating system.Difficulty:EasyIns
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How to Unlock Pinnacle 9.3
by Edwin Goei in Computers
Pinnacle Studio 9.3 is a professional video editing software developed and marketed by Pinnacle Systems. Pinnacle Studio 9.3 allows you to capture video from video cameras and then edit the footage in a fast-paced environment. When you launch Pinnacle 9 for the first time, you may find the software locked. This occurs because you may have skipped the step during installation that asks for the acti
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