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Is there a difference between placing JavaScript calls in $(document).ready(function(){ and placing them in HTML?
by sorcerermerlin in Javascript

Is there a difference, performance or efficiency wise, between placing javascript calls such as blur, onclick etc. in $(document).ready(function(){ as opposed to placing them in HTML?


Placing a window in WIN CE
by Steve O. in Development Tools & Services

How do we specify the placement position of a window using MFC in Win CE? It does not support the WINDOWPLACEMENT class that is available in Windows.

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placing a view right behind my tab bar
by flakekun in Operating Systems

I have a tab bar with 3 buttons, each of which loads a different controller and hence a different view.
I would like to place a UIView right behind my tab bar so that it is visible on all 3 different sub-controllers.

How can I achieve that?

Placing a Div inside a Div
by SteveGrabowski in Web Design

I have a parent div id=A which has a width of 100%. I want that all the elements of the div A should be placed to the right.

So I added another div id=B inside A and did a text-align=right on the div A. The width of B is 600px.

However the controls appear left aligned in A. Any suggestions?

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Placing a div at the bottom of another div
by artvscommerce in Web Design

I'm trying to do jquery pagination, however I'm having a problem keeping the navigator on the bottom, even with clear: both.

The problem is that the navigation div <div class="alt_page_navigation"></div> needs to be right where </ul> ends and cannot be in another div, or else the pagination get's broken.

Placing a div after an absolute div
by Skee in Web Design

I'm busy with creating a website that preferably needs to have a background picture that covers the whole screen but when the visitor scrolls down other content appears.

So far I got this working with creating 2 div's (which I call #container_page1 and #container_page2). This is the css of the first div:

#container_page1 {

Placing an image behind a div
by tommy in Web Design

I'm trying to place an image (the bamboo) behind a div (contact form) using "z-index".

However, the image is pushing the div out of the way.

Page can be seen here: http://www.abijahchristos.com/sample/springspa

JsFiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/Abijah/4n9LZ/

Placing PHP Variable in URL
by Aravinth in PHP

I am trying to pass a variable (in this case an IP variable of the user) into a url so when it is displayed on the web it is an automatic link. Below is the code I have and I'm getting an error. Seeking PHP Guru to help a n00b.

$user_tracking_vars = "<br /><br /><strong>Browser and Operating System:</strong> ".$browser."<br /><br /><strong&g
TAGS : Placing Variable

Placing images at top right of a div
by William Burke in Web Design

I have a div like this.

div.container {
float: left;
position: relative;
overflow: hidden;
display: table;
width: 790px;
height: 90px;
<div class="container">

Placing of pillars
by Progdis in Programming Languages

I am trying to place pillars on a board that alternate between these amount of pillars
(I don't think I explained properly), but for example on row 1 it will have 9 pillars and row 2 it will have 8 pillars. I wanted to try do it in a nested for loop but not really sure how to go about the code within the blocks.

At the moment I have this:
here are my variables:

TAGS : Placing pillars

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