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What Is the Relationship Between the Business Plan, Marketing Plan & Sales Plan?
by Andrew S. in Business
Running any business bigger than a lemonade stand will involve a significant amount of planning or an enormous amount of luck. Doubly so for any business that is looking for investors or bank loans, as investors are more interested in sound plans than in good ideas. Because of the complexity of business operation, make plans that deal with one aspect of the operation at a time, even if they interl

Difference Between a Profit-Sharing Plan, Thrift Savings Plan & a 401k
by scott.sizemore in Personal Finance
A profit-sharing plan, thrift savings plan and 401k plan are all employer-sponsored, tax-advantaged investment accounts intended for long-term retirement savings. While sharing many similar characteristics, they each have distinctive features.

How Many Days Notice Must You Give to Participants in a Pension Plan to Freeze the Plan?
by enginecrew in Personal Finance
Pension plan freezes limit the amount of benefits payable under the plan. A pension plan freeze means you do not get any increase in your pension benefits, and the freeze limits the amount of money you ultimately receive when you retire. Unfortunately, there's nothing preventing your company from freezing your pension plan. However, your employer must give you adequate notice before freezing benef

How to Plan a High Level Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for a Business
by krs in Business
Disasters, such as terrorism, violent weather, fire, power failure and crime, can happen to any business. A disaster recovery plan states who is in charge, what assets will need to be replaced, what data must be recovered, how your business can keep operating during recovery and how people will communicate and with whom. Disaster recovery planning is as much about the planning process as the fin

What Is a Cafeteria Plan From an Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan?
by SeaSerpent in Health
A cafeteria health care plan is an employer-sponsored plan set up under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. It allows employees to choose from a variety of benefits and coverage levels, and allows the employer to save on employment benefit costs. Cafeteria plans give employees a more customized benefit package that meets their particular family situation and needs. Inclusions in a Cafeter

Is the Georgia Teacher Retirement Plan a Tax-Deferred Pension Plan?
by Geoffrey De Smet in Personal Finance
The Georgia Teacher Retirement Plan is a state-sponsored retirement plan benefiting teachers that work in Georgia. It is an established defined benefit plan, which means that if a participant meets the plan's service and age requirements, the teacher will receive a specified monthly benefit in retirement based on the teacher's earnings and years of service. The plan is established as a qualified

Why Does My Company Provide Both a Profit Sharing Plan & a 401K Plan?
by Demo24 in Business
Employee expectations about job benefits have changed over the last 30 years. As a result, employees are no longer satisfied by just a paycheck. In addition to regular compensation and vacation time, employees now expect health and dental benefits, retirement options and a share of company profits. In order to stay competitive and attract the best employees, many companies now offer profit sharing

Things to Include in a Transition Plan After Completing a Project Plan
by patrickcarver in Business
After completing a project plan -- such as a plan for an upcoming communication system installation or upgrade -- develop a transition plan to enable a smooth product rollout. While the project plan defines specific elements of work required, your transition plan documents implementation steps, identifies strategies and establishes timeframes for specific tasks. A thorough transition plan formulat

Can a Participant Contribute the Max to a Keogh Plan & a 403B Plan?
by tontod in Personal Finance
Since there's no such thing as too golden a retirement, it's smart to take advantage of as many retirement-savings opportunities as possible. If you're a teacher or nonprofit employee and you also run your own business outside of your "day job," there are likely a variety of options available to you. How much can you save if you opt for a Keogh plan in addition to your employer's 403(b) plan? Le

Steps to Planning a Strategic Plan or a Business Plan
by greggerz in Business
Running a business requires a great deal of planning and organization. But before you can create successful business or strategic plans, there are steps you should take to prepare your information. A business plan is an important vehicle for the direction and success of your company, according to the business experts writing for the Entrepreneur website. That is a structured approach to creating o

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