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Difference Between Human Resource Planning & Succession Planning
by gnirpaz in Business
Both human resource planning and succession planning are of paramount importance to an organization, and are usually the responsibility of the human resources (HR) department.
HR planning is the process of finding and placing the right candidates in the right numbers in the appropriate departments at the right time. It encompasses all the organization's employees regardless of their status.

Comparison & Contrast for Corporate Planning & Strategic Planning
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Business
Corporate planning and strategic planning are interrelated and share many elements; however, strategic planning involves the future direction of the company and corporate planning involves determining the foundations of the business. Strategic planning helps the business respond to the external environment with goals and objectives; it drives the company forward and attempts to give the business a

The Differences Between Business Planning and Corporate Planning
by Juncar in Business
Corporate and business planning are important to the success of any organization. Both work independently of each other, yet without both, plans that move an organization forward would be incomplete, and an organization may not be able to successfully reach its goals. There are several differences between corporate planning and business planning. The FocusBusiness planning focuses on the organi

Human Resources Planning & Strategic Planning
by Bunny loves data in Business
Human resources planning and strategic planning are both extremely important to the success of a business. They are, however, two very different types of planning. In spite of these differences, the two are closely related. Anyone working in a business environment should understand what human resources planning and strategic planning are, their differences and how they are related. Human Resour

Object planning or user-flow planning - which should come first?
by skulldrinker in Web Design

When starting a new piece of software, do you find it more helpful do plan the interface and use cases first, or outline the objects that will need to be built?

I can see an argument for the former in that you have to know where you're going before you can get there. But when I say 'interface use cases', I mean VERY SPECIFIC application flow. Basically, the whole software on paper

Strategic Planning Vs. Operational Planning
by ponchopilate in Business
The planning process always starts out with the gathering of facts. Though it is possible to make plans based on supposition and fantasy, as many do, it is always better to do the hard work of discovering the reality of your company or task at hand before making strategic and operational plans. You will need to identify your current circumstances and how your circumstances relate to the environmen

Succession Planning Vs. Replacement Planning
by mvt in Business
Succession planning is often confused with replacement planning and leadership development in organizations. In reality these strategies are very different. Replacement planning involves simply acting to replace positions that become vacant due to turnover, which may be either voluntary or involuntary. Succession planning is a more detailed analysis of anticipated future needs, which includes a co

Business Planning vs. Functional Planning
by Thomas Plunkett in Business
The terms "business planning" and "functional planning" may be used interchangeably in a business setting, because both describe planning techniques for a business. However, each term has its own meaning that describes different planning strategies in a business. While business planning occurs before the business starts operating, functional planning is used if a business is working on a large pro

Strategic Planning Vs. Financial Planning
by andystacy in Business
Strategic planning is a business planning process that involves charting the course of the given organization and preparing it for the future events based on its vision, mission and current state. Financial planning entails planning for sufficient cash flow to accomplish future goals. The term "financial planning" is generally used in relation to personal financial planning rather than business pl

Business Planning Vs. Strategic Planning
by Meghan54 in Business
The terms "business planning" and "strategic planning" are often used interchangeably by managers and corporate executives. Business planning may make use of a variety of decision-making processes, including the strategic planning process. While strategic planning is a method commonly used within the business planning process, not all business planning initiatives will make use of strategic planni

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