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How to start a DVD playback on Windows using the default playback software?
Category : Programming Languages

Does anybody know how to initiate a DVD playback using a known drive letter from out of a C++ program.

For what's worth: I simply search for the windows explorer's play function which is located in the context menu when right-clicking a DVD drive...

Thx in advance,

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playback audio to a non-default playback device in .net
Category : Programming Languages

How can I playback audio to a non-default playback device in .net? Help would be wonderful! Audio playback to the default playback device is easy, however machines can have multiple playback devices for many reasons, and many common application allow selecting a non-default device for playback and recording. Is there a way to do this hopefully avoiding pinvoke? media foundation or core audio? T

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as2 flv playback
Category : Web Design

im working on a project http://www.pos-creation.com/wu/xml_video_playlist.html that needs my immediate attention but i can t seem to make it work, since im not very good with scripting..
What i need to do here, is to make the 3 flvs which play when the lists buttons are pressed, to play randomly and get rid of the playlist. The second part i know how to do, the random play is the problem.<

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Controlling as2 swf playback in as3
Category : Programming Languages

I am embedding a swf built in flash 8 into an as3 project. When I call stop() or gotoAndStop(0); on the MovieClip that represents an instance of the embedded swf it stops for a sec and then continues. Trying to call removeChild on the mc removes it from the display but the audio in the swf keeps playing. The swf, in this case must be embedded, I cannot use loader. Any ideas

The code

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PlayBack different voices
Category : Mobile Programming

I am working on iphone app, I required multiple voices , e.g. Adult voice become children voice.

How can i implement it, I am using AVFoundation for playing voice.

Plz provide some coded.

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Qt and audio playback
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to get some audio in my Qt desktop application, however all seems FUBAR. I tried QSound, like this:

QSound *sound=new QSound("/home/kajos/Projects/Flatland-build-desktop/mario.wav", this);

and Phonon like this:

QFile file("mario.mp3");
if (!file.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly)) {

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How to Enable PS3 WMA Playback
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Windows Media Audio (WMA) file type is a format created by Microsoft. Similar to an MP3, media players play these files as music or audio recordings. The PlayStation 3 game console supports the WMA file. However, you must first change the settings to allow the system to read and play the audio format. Your PlayStation 3 must be connected to the Internet to complete the authentication process a

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How to Enable WMA Playback on a PSP
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Playstation Portable (PSP) is a popular game machine whose features are controlled by the operating system installed into it by Sony. You can play Windows Media Audio (WMA) files on a PSP once the operating system has been updated to the most recent version which allows for this functionality. You will need a recently released PSP game disc in order to update the operating system. Playing WMA

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How to Fix Playback Stutter on a PC
Category : Computers
Before making any changes to your computer's audio settings, restart to help determine if the problem persists. If this fails, then a common cause to audio or video playback stuttering relates to the number of enhancements you have turned on at one time. The two choices you have in troubleshooting playback issues would be disabling all enhancements and rechecking playback or turning off higher run

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How to Playback Hi8 Tapes
Category : Electronics
Sony introduced the Hi8 tape format to the world in the late 1980s. This was Sony's answer to the Super Video Home System format that was beginning to gain popularity. Consumers loved Hi8 because of its small size and portability. Hi8 tapes gained a further lease on life when Sony introduced the Digital8 format, which can read Hi8 tapes as well. You can playback your Hi8 tapes for watching on TV,

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