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If Array Of Players Is Empty, Then Echo “No Players Online”
by evgen_povt in Programming Languages

I want it so that if theres players in there, it will return with the pictures, That works so far :D what doesnt work, is that when no players are in, it will return a blank picture and will not echo "No Players Online"

$query = (Minequery::query(""));
$plist = $query['playerList'];
foreach($plist as $k => $v)

How to Compare Portable DVD Players With Car Mounted Players
by unfool in Electronics
Traveling long distances with your children can be sometimes a handful trying to keep enough activities together to keep them occupied for the ride. Using portable DVD players or car-mounted DVD players can be lifesavers for all parents. Screen SizeA portable DVD player comes in various sizes, from 6.9 inches to 10 inches. Car-mounted DVD players have screens that range from 6.1 inches to 15.1

DVD Players Vs. BluRay Disk Players
by nascentmind in Electronics
The introduction of Blu-ray technology led many consumers to upgrade their home theater equipment and movie collections. Other users, however, questioned whether the higher price of Blu-ray players and discs outweighed the benefits of upgrading. Comparing the pros and cons of Blu-ray and DVD players can help you make an informed decision. QualityBlu-ray technology provides the highest quality v

Blue Ray DVD Players Vs HD DVD Players
by ussballantyne in Electronics
Until recently, it was difficult to decide which side of the Format Wars to favor. Both HD-DVD and Blu-ray had their advantages and disadvantages. Now, with Blu-ray having won, the question probably seems less important. However, it's still important to know these things: like the Beta vs. VHS debacle, this sort of thing will likely come to your attention again. High-DefinitionHigh-definition v

Upconversion DVD Players Vs. Blu-ray DVD Players
by André Rocheleau in Electronics
A standard DVD player sends a signal to a television set at the same resolution -- number of pixels or dots illuminated on the screen -- as normal broadcast television. An upconverting DVD player increases the resolution of the signal to that of high-definition television, but must fill in the unknown pixels with information created by computer processing. A Blu-ray player sends a true high-defini

OOP puzzle. Players in clubs and clubs with players
by Ted Leung in Programming Languages

I don't know if this is right place. But I need answer very much.

I'm writing program for tournament management. I have simple problem but for me it is not that clear.

There are many clubs (One club from one city). There are players in club. There are no players without club.

I have Player class and Club class.
Should I keep list of players in Club class

FAQ About MP3 Players
by iNate2000 in Electronics
With the pace of technological innovation becoming increasingly more rapid, portable MP3 players have become ubiquitous. Everyone from students, to working professionals, to grandmothers can be seen strolling around with a high tech MP3 player at their side. If you're new to the world of MP3 players, you probably have some questions about the pricing, functionality and features of MP3 players av
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CD Players Vs. MP3
by gamefreakgcb in Electronics
With the advancement of technology came new products geared toward the enjoyment of musical recordings. Not only has the quality of such devices sky rocketed in the past few years, but also the portability and convenience. Currently there are two main recording mediums in the music industry and both have their advantages and disadvantages that make them appropriate to different consumers.
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How to Dry MP3 Players
by tobybot in Electronics
Dropping your MP3 player into a bucket or sink that is full of water or into a small puddle can cause your MP3 player to freeze or completely stop working. Your first thought may be to give up and replace the device if it does not work after you have wiped it down with a cloth or towel. The reason this does not work is because wiping the device only dries the outside of the player. A special "bath
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Blu-ray Players Vs. DVD Players
by pulkizine in Electronics
Blu-ray disc players and digital video/versatile disc players are both media-playing devices that consumers use for playing video on TV screens and monitors. While the two devices provide identical functions, Blu-ray players utilize more modern technology, allowing for superior picture quality and sound quality. However, both Blu-ray players and DVD players have their advantages and disadvantages.
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