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Find Control Point for QuadraticBezierSegment when given Start, End, and 1 Point lying along the bezier in C# - QuadraticBezier 3-point Interpolation
by joth in C & C++ & C#

This is Similar to a previous question I asked about the Cubic Bezier. I've got a start point, an endpoint, and a point that is meant to lie along a Quadratic Bezier. Given these three points I want to be able to draw a QuadraticBezierSegment in WPF, but I need the single ControlPoint value (in the QuadraticBezierSegment it's Point1) in order to draw it.

Is there a calculation or

Matlab Simulation: Point (symbol) Moving from start point to end point and back
by jmccliment in Web Design

I would like to create an animation to demonstrate LDPC coding which is based on Sum-Product Algorithm

So far I have created a graph which shows the connections between symbol nodes (left) and parity nodes (right) and would like to animate points travelling from symbol to parity nodes and back.

The figure is drawn by executing the following method:


Operator +(Vector) for Point - but the Vector uses Point and it's undeclared in Point declaration
by soup006 in Programming Languages

I have the code:

class Point3D{
float x;
float y;
float z;
Point3D(){x=0; y=0; z=0;}
Point3D(const Point3D & point){x = point.x; y = point.y; z = point.z;}
Point3D(float _x,float _y,float _z){x = _x; y = _y; z = _z;}
class Vector3D{

How do you draw a line from previous point to current point in Android Google Maps?
by tl1000sv in Android

I am trying to create a GPS tracking app, and is stuck on how I can draw a line from the previous point to current point. I've tried using an Overlay, but it does not display... I am not THAT good on Java, so please speak to me like I'm 4 years old...

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

How to find a point in the Earth surface given an origin point, distance and direction (azimuth)
by dcutting in Web Design

The previous question "Geoalgorithm for finding coordinates of point from a known location by distance and bearing" asks the same thing, but the solution found is a rough approximation. I want a more accurate solution. I am comparing the results with the Great Circle Distance formulas, which is one of the best Geographical Distance formulas known.

Finding orientation (Clockwise or anticlockwise) of the point with respect to some another point in x-y coordinate system
by Douglas Stockwell in Coding

I have a problem and a solution both. What I want to know is that how to arrive to "that" solution. "That" solution is perfect and working fine for all possible combinations.

This is a vector mathematics kind of question.

See, assume that you have three points in the XY coordinate system : P1(x1, y1), P2(x2, y2) and P3(x3, y3).

Now join the point P2 with P3.

How to plot Google Map Markers dynamically (point-by-point) using AJAX update Panel
by chanley in Programming Languages

Basically What I'm Asking is, "Once the Page is loaded, how can I run a "for" loop, and show the output of each iteration at a time. (example could be a simple for loop and adding the variable i, to a listbox in a page)"

A example showing how to add items one-by-one (not all at once) to a listbox would solve the problem for me:

for (int i = 0; i<5,i++)

cocos2d calculate destination point given start point, angle and distance
by jwright30 in Programming Languages

Quick one I think. 2d problem in Cocos2d and xcode.

I have

CGPoint currPoint;
float lineLength;
float angle;

Now, I need to find the point that is lineLength away from currPoint at angle Degrees.

Tried to search, but the answers i have found aren't quite what I was looking for. Would appreciate anyone pointing out the (I ass

How can I test if a point lies within a 3d shape with its surface defined by a point cloud?
by Pakistan in Programming Languages

I have a collection of points which describe the surface of a shape that should be roughly spherical, and I need a method with which to determine if any other given point lies within this shape. I've previously been approximating the shape as an exact sphere, but this has proven too inaccurate and I need a more accurate method. Simplicity and speed is favourable over complete accuracy, a good a

Finding distance to the closest point in a point cloud on an uniform grid
by Star Gryphon in Development Tools & Services

I have a 3D grid of size AxBxC with equal distance, d, between the points in the grid. Given a number of points, what is the best way of finding the distance to the closest point for each grid point (Every grid point should contain the distance to the closest point in the point cloud) given the assumptions below?

Assume that A, B and C are quite big in relation to d, giving a grid o


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