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Memory Leak in WebSphere Portal Relating to Portal URIs
by vyazkov in Programming Languages

I've got an application leaking out java heap at a decent rate (400 users leaves 25% free after 2hours...after logoff all memory is restored) and we've identified the items causing the memory leak as Strings placed in session that appear to be generated by Portal itself. The values are the encoded Portal URIs (very long endcoded strings ... usually sized around 19kb), and the keys seem to be s

Is it possible to reflect changes in portal-ext.properties without restarting whole Liferay portal?
by Xander in Development Tools & Services

My problem is every time after changing the Liferay portal-properties (and this is frequent especially at beginning of a new portal project) I need to restart the whole portal.

Some properties I can set over hook and these values will be changed after redeployment. Also that must be possible to change most portal properties at run time.

However, do you know

Liferay Portal : How different from Websphere Portal
by Matt Brewer in Web Design

I have worked with Websphere Portal 6.0,6.1 and developed portal applications usign JSR 168,JSR 286 Portlets.

Now I am moving to project where I will be working with Liferay portal server and JSR 168,JSR 286.

I know that as per programming interface (JSRs) It will be the same. But want to know what are the major difference at server level ( features,configuration,archite

How to Turn Off the Portal in "Portal: Still Alive"
by PatrickSimonHenk in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Portal: Still Alive" is the standalone version of "Portal," which was originally released along with "The Orange Box" in 2007. In this game, you create portals that your character can jump through to overcome obstacles and pass a series of experiments. To turn off and reset the portals, there are three ways to do it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Walk to the exit elevator at the end of the level.

DotNetNuke create new portal didnt create new portal
by IndyColtsFan in Programming Languages

I've installed dotnetnuke today for the first time, I've created a new portal via host/portals. It says its created it but just doesn't find it. I just don't know how/why?

The portal ID is 4. and there is a directory in dotnetnuke/Portals/4

But the url localhost/bmd (name of the portal) doesn't resolve to anything/

Anyone know a solution to this? maybe it hap

How to convert a “Standard Portal” page to a “Static Content” page on WebSphere Portal 7?
by dreampunchboy in Web Design

I'm migrating a portal that's build on WebSphere Portal 6.1 to 7. Now I would like to take advantage of the new tableless theme architecture in Portal 7; which leverages static content pages instead of the traditional standard portal pages.

As of now I've already created the new theme and created some custom layout templates, so all that's left is for me to start converting the old

What Is an SAP Portal?
by Broburger in Computers
SAP software portals are designed to allow users to have single view by overarching organizational boundaries and IT silos. This is intended to reduce IT costs by maximizing efficiency of exiting systems by allowing interfaces with other programs and users. Netweaver PortalSAP's latest offering for net access is the NetWeaver Portal. NetWeaver is designed to allow intuitive web interface throug
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Git Team Portal
by Mahesh in Web Design

Is there a tool/system or module that I can use for team collaboration that interacts with Git? I'm looking for something I can track tickets, maybe a wiki, and most importantly a git repository browser. Ideally I could plug these pieces in to an existing site, but either would work.

Thanks in advance!

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Web Portal Ideas
by Douglas Stockwell in Internet
A web portal is the user interface for a particular website. When you get on the Internet and visit a website for a company or organization, you use the web portal to access areas of the website based on your user permissions. Designing a web portal requires considering what format will be the most user-friendly for people who access the website. Use Open Source SoftwareOpen source software web
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What Is a Vertical Portal?
by jfraser in Internet
A vertical portal, also referred to as a vortal in business tech-speak, is a specialized website that gives businesses a way to search for specific markets or niches, subject areas or interests. Think of it as a customized search engine designed for business-to-business use. Changing the Way Business Is ConductedVertical portals give business direct access to news and the ability to research mo

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