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How to Use Possessive Nouns
by elmagistral in Education
Possessive nouns are an essential part of proper English grammar. The possessive form of the noun is simple to learn if you pay attention to a few important rules that most people have trouble with.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Put an apostrophe and an "s" after the word you are making into a possessive, as long as the word does not end with an "s." Then, add the thing that the noun po
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How to Get Away From a Possessive Husband
by jcwagers in Relationships & Family
When a man is possessive over his wife, it is easy to mistake his actions for love. Possessive people will often make you feel like they cannot live without you. However, possessiveness has much more to do with control than love. If your husband is possessive, you may be thinking about leaving him. However, you may be scared to have this conversation with him for fear of how he will react. You als

How to Use a Possessive Apostrophe at the End of a Name
by Ernie in Education
Possessive apostrophes lessen some of the confusion in the complex English language. Possessive apostrophes for names indicate that someone possesses something. Unfortunately, as with most grammar rules, the possessive apostrophe includes several rules that apply to different sentence structures. Some rules concerning the use of possessive apostrophes in names are strict, while other rules allow y

Possessive Exercises for ESL
by miceno in Education
When teaching possessives to speakers of English as a second language, use engaging and dynamic presentations, lessons and quizzes to help your students internalize forms and rules. Alternate both written and oral practice, giving the class a chance to learn in whatever the preferred learning style while simultaneously having them exercise and develop their relative weaknesses. Engaging Example

How to Deal With a Possessive Guy
by Davidpaul007 in Relationships & Family
Having a possessive man proves counter to healthy relationships because you will be forced to deal with a lack of freedom and mental torture. This man will question your behavior, you whereabouts on a daily basis, and in some cases, invade your privacy on social media sites and cell phone texts. Do not be fooled that this is a normal part of love. It is rooted in deep problems inherent in the indi

How to Make Art Possessive
by compcons in Education
The written English language contains a wide range of rules and special cases that can make writing a frustrating experience. Possessive nouns, in particular, can become complicated, especially when combined with pluralization. Possessive nouns are nouns that indicate who or what owns or possesses something. To create a possessive noun from a singular object, you need to add an apostrophe and the
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How to Make a Dog Not Possessive
by Octopuss in Pets
Dogs get possessive about many things. This includes food, toys or any object they deem valuable. Experts call this behavior possessive aggression. Once a dog attaches itself to an object, it becomes defensive when the object is taken away. It barks, growls or even bites the person attempting to remove the coveted object. To stop a dog from being possessive, you need to train it to modify his beha
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How to Deal With a Possessive Woman
by Darin in Relationships & Family
People, both men and women, may become possessive with friends or with a girlfriend or boyfriend and may do so for a variety of underlying reasons. If you are in a relationship of any kind with a woman and she gets upset when you hang out with other people, wants to dictate much of your life for you and gets paranoid about minor things, you are probably with a possessive woman. This can lead to an

How to Handle a Possessive Husband
by green in Relationships & Family
Being married brings with it a series of challenges. One aspect of a relationship that can be cause for concern is that one spouse does not treat the other properly. This can range from being emotionally distant to being abusive. Possessive husbands can create havoc within the relationship when the wife is left to deal with fits of jealousy and distrust, many times for no apparent reason. Learning

Singular Possessive Rules
by rbonestell in Education
You write many important documents, such as business reports, job applications and school assignments that showcase your skills and knowledge. But few things will more quickly make a bad impression than mistakes in grammar and punctuation. One of the most obvious errors you can make is the misuse of apostrophes and the possessive form of singular nouns. Though the rules are simple, it’s well

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