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Bissell Power Steam Power Brush Cleaner Will Not Spray Water Out
by Jouni in Home & Garden
Keeping your carpet clean not only involves vacuuming and spot cleaning, but deep cleaning every few months to remove deep dirt and debris. Bissell manufactures a line of home carpet steam cleaners. If your machine stops spraying water, service it as soon as possible. Some repairs you can make on your own with simple procedures but if you can't repair the machine, take it to a professional repairm

My Bissell Power Steamer With the Power Brush Cleaner Will Not Spray the Water Out
by ziqew in Home & Garden
The Bissell Power Steamer is a steam-cleaning machine that sprays cleaning solution on the carpet then uses steam to remove dirt and other debris. The machine will brush the steamed cleaning solution into the carpet then suck out the dirt to leave the carpet clean and dry. If the machine has stopped spraying water, stop using it immediately and troubleshoot the issue to prevent further damage.

The Differences Between Nuclear Power & Fossil-Fuel-Burning Power Plants
by bikefixxer in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The quest to generate electricity for powering modern society is a relatively recent but major force in human technological advancement. And it seems to be fraught with problems. For every beneficial and useful development in these technologies, there are drawbacks or downsides that detract from their overall benefits. Nuclear fuels and fossil fuels are two sources that each have their pros and co

How to Connect Standard Power Supplies to Power Only Hard Drives
by pankaj in Computers
Connecting a standard computer power supply to the power-only port on a hard drive is necessary to use the drive on the computer system, as the drive does not receive any power through the SATA or IDE connection on the motherboard. Accomplish this by physically plugging in a spare molex connector from the power supply to the drive. The cable fits in one way, so making a mistake should not be an is

Enable REPL power user mode (:power) from script
by Dan Becker in Programming Languages

I am trying to dynamically interpret a string as a command in Scala. For this, from what I understand, I need to call intp.interpret("string") (where intp stands for the current interpreter and string for my command) while being in power mode, right?

However, my problem is that I want to do that from inside a script. Thus, I am looking for a w

Troubleshooting a 1996 Integra Power Window Power Lock
by Kapishin in Cars
Honda's 1996 Acura Integra was sold with power windows and power door locks. Each door has a switch that controls its window. In addition, the driver's armrest has a master power window control panel that can be used to control all of the windows. Locks are also electrically operated. Power locks include doors and trunk but not the lockable glove compartment. Problems with the power windows and lo

The Power Brakes & Power Steering Failure in My Chevrolet Astro
by Daniel in Cars
The Chevrolet Astro, a rear-wheel drive minivan, was manufactured from 1985 to 2005. Despite its longevity, the Astro was not exempt from mechanical issues, especially power brake and power steering failure. Power BrakesChevrolet technical service bulletins (TSBs) indicate that the Astro's anti-lock brake system (ABS) may fail due to hydraulic pressure issues. In certain cases, the brake pedal

How to Change From Low Power to High Power on a Microscope Field of View
by Enzo in Electronics
Microscopy is a basic science technique used in research, diagnostic and electronic laboratories in order to get a clearer look at microscopic samples of cells and tissues, very small organisms such as bacteria, crystallized compounds or other synthetic items such as engineered nanotubes. Microscopes can be complex and technologically advanced equipment, therefore it is essential that the user bec

My Dell XPS M1210 Notebook Will Not Power Up and the Power Supply Light Goes Out
by Germany in Computers
Numerous factors will prevent your laptop from receiving the power necessary to charge or start up, and your Dell XPS M1210 is no more vulnerable to power issues than any other laptop brand or model. Software issues, battery problems and adapter failures all prevent proper charging or power supply, requiring a certain amount of troubleshooting and trial and error to identify the true culprit. R

How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Power Box With a Power Button That Doesn't Work
by Piriya in Electronics
A Bosch Power Box has the features of a typical radio, letting you listen to your favorite radio stations while you are working outside. However, it also has a digital clock, four separate speakers and a control panel that allows you to easily control your radio-listening experience. The power button, or the power in general, may stop working during usage of the box, and troubleshooting the device

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