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Prestashop 1.5 - Import huge data(categories, products, customers, addresses) from another prestashop 1.4 installation,
by tong in Programming Languages

i have prestashop 1.5 installed on server A, on server B there is prestashop 1.4 installed with thousands of products and database size is about 500mb. I want to import all those products, categories, customers and their addresses from 1.4 installation to 1.5 installation. I have access to both servers. CSV export for products is taking like forever what should i do to import this all to 1.5.<

creating a prestashop module trying to Show error on PrestaShop Module
by boomerang in Programming Languages

I'm trying to display an error when the user submits data from a form, but no error.

try putting in the driver (forcing you to show me an error)
as follows

public function postProcess()
$ this-> errors [] = Tools :: DisplayError ('Invalid e-mail address');

and in the template

{include file =

prestashop $this->l
by Japan in Programming Languages

with prestashop 1.4.8, PHP 5.3 I want to do this in a module.

$myVar = 'Vincent';
echo $this->l($myVar);

I don't know why it doesn't work, and what the 'real' difference with

echo $this->l('Vincent')

I need to do this becose labels comes from XML files from my own modules configuration system.

any id

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Prestashop CMS configration
by StereoPixel in Programming Languages

Hi I'm totally new to Prestashop and installing it first time can any one tell me What is mcrypt in Prestashop?

how to get all attributes in prestashop
by xeemzor in Programming Languages

I need to get all attributes that exists in my Prestahop store not matter wich or what product is assigned I just want to generate a array of those attributes and then use them in ProductController.php class. I check the file classes/Product.php and a method called getDefaultAttribute($id_product, $minimumQuantity = 0) is present but I think this only works for attributes assigned to a specific

Prestashop - Where to look into webservice API
by Brainonska511 in Web Design

I'm very new to Prestashop programming and I have a task regarding fixing current Prestashop webservice since we spot something wrong with it.

I'm not familiar to Prestashop programming so I have a question regarding where I can find the particular code of webservice for example for products resource.


Prestashop Bug in INR Currency
by swassbac in Programming Languages

I just came to know about one bug in Prestashop, that when I select the default website currency as INR (Indian Rupee), then the Prices are shown with comma in place of dot (.).

Here is the screenshot http://i.imgur.com/wb8FG.jpg
I have shown the bug with a red arrow and circle.

And one more thing, the older price which is crossed is lower than the current price. but

prestashop api security
by highland145 in Web Design

I'm about to build an iOS e-commerce app. This app will query the prestashop webservice api of an existing prestashop installation.
I've been playing with the prestashop webservice and it seems to work fairly good so far except for lacking of security: there's no token-like architecture that I can use to track authentication of users. Is it me missing something or Prestashop DOES lack this

php prestashop cookie
by andystacy in Programming Languages

how to access prestashop cookie?
the directory structure islike this
   |-(presta shop files)

I manage to do a login from the index.php.
but i cannot access the cookie to check if the user logged in or not.
any way to check it or get the user name

Get User ID Prestashop
by Ingo in Programming Languages
function get_user_id()
global $cookie;
$userid = NULL;
if (isset($cookie->id_customer))
$userid = $cookie->id_customer;
return $userid;

Why the user ID keep return null even with login?

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