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How to prevent screen autorotation but prevent activity from rotating
by cbridi in Programming Languages

This may sound a newbie question anyway I'm new to Android development.

Basically what I need to do it to prevent the activity from changing its rotation but meanwhile I need to detect the device orientation change i.e. if device orientation has been changed from top to botton, or from top to left-portrait etc.

in iOS there is an analogue - (BOOL)shouldAutorotateTo

Prevent Multi-login cause an error and prevent log in again
by Dirigible in Programming Languages

In the currently project I am working on it , we decide to prevent multi-login
For doing this , I insert a record in a sql table when any user log in to website , an delete its record when log out (I use the session_end method for doing this)

Here is a problem : I set the sessions timeout on 10 minutes , so by using this strategy , when a user close the browser for log in agai

How to prevent XSS in Asp.NET
by YuriyLazarev in Programming Languages

What are the techniques that one can use to prevent cross site scripting in asp.net? Are there any non ready implementations that one can use to achieve a website protected against xss?

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How to prevent an r-value
by Marti in Programming Languages

I am creating a function like such:

void SetItem(const Key &key, const Value &value)

Where Key and Value are some type.

Internally, I want to store the pair like this:

std::pair<const Key &, Value>

So here is my problem:
I need to enforce that Key is actually an

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Can a DUI Prevent You From Getting a Job?
by Neil Redfern in Careers & Job Searching
Getting arrested for DUI -- that is, driving under the influence -- can greatly affect your work, whether you already have employment or are seeking employment. It can be a particular problem if you require a car to get to and from work. License SuspensionIf you're arrested for drunk driving, the officer will take your license away from you. Depending on the state you reside in, your license wi

How to Prevent LCD Tip Over
by kpkp in Electronics
LCD TVs come with an anchor, or wall strap connection that allows you to secure the strap to the back of the TV and screw it into the wall. Using this strap prevents the TV from accidentally falling over. This is especially important during an earthquake, or when children and pets are playing beneath the TV. Connecting the anchor to the TV not only keeps it safe, it also protects toddlers and pets
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How to Prevent TB
by Max Ollerenshaw in Health
Tuberculosis is a very contagious disease. It's estimated that 1/3 of the world's population carries the bacteria that causes TB. It is an airborne disease that is passed from person to person when the sufferer coughs, speaks or sneezes. With some care, you can prevent getting active tuberculosis.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Avoid spending long periods of time in enclosed spaces with
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How to Prevent Pop-Up Ads
by goffi in Internet
Pop-up ads can sour any web browsing experience with their persistence and utter obnoxiousness. Unfortunately, preventing these pop-up windows is difficult without proper protection software. No matter how many times a pop-up is closed, it can keep showing up on screen if you don't have good adware protection. Luckily, pop-up prevention programs are available for free download, able to help stop n
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How to Prevent TCA
by davidar in Food & Drink
TCA, also known as cork taint, is a serious issue effecting wineries. At the time of publication, the damage to the wine industry is estimated to be $10 billion annually, worldwide. Cork taint causes a "moldy" or "musty" smell that overpowers the bouquet of the wine. TCA is the abbreviation for a chemical compound (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) found in contaminated wine and wineries. The wine indust
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How to Prevent IOM
by Ari in Health
Idiopathic Orbital Myositis is a rare but serious disorder. The word "idiopathic" in the name of this condition reveals that the cause is unknown. Despite that, studied cases reveal some common threads such as infection, weakened immune system and inflammation. That lends some insight into possible steps you can take to prevent it.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Care for your health. Som
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