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Can in-app billing use the previous ID's including versions changes to credit the users that have bought the previous version the new one?
by nascentmind in Programming Languages

We are deprecating an older .apk and the new one will have a different ID. Can we use in-app billing to query the users Google Play account and not charge them for the new one? I thought I read that you can do this by making a list of the previous ID's and then when the app sees them, it will not charge the user and then let them download the new version.

I.e., the old .apk has the

Move to next/previous item when click on previous/next buttton in detailed activity
by Munir in Programming Languages

i am new to android i have a listview data obtained from web-service, when i click on listview item it takes to detailed Activity where description and image are present here when i clcik on nextbutton it should take me to next item in list similarly when click on prebutton it shuld take me to previous item in list, but now i am getting force close when i click on next/pre button,i am using Bas

Jquery accordion, next and previous wizard, how to get previous and next sections?
by GTech33 in Web Design

I have a Jquery accordion which works fine. Sections get expanded/collapsed when clicked on respective headers. But I want to add the functionality so that when I click on "next" button it opens up the next section and clicking "Previous" button takes me back to previous section.

This has been done on this page http://jquery.bassistance.de/accordion/demo/?p=1.1.2 (last example) but

I want to have a next and previous link that featches the next and previous article
by IeraseU in Programming Languages

In a simple blog application where someone can read an article and decide to read the next article without going through the list of articles again but click the next button and it takes the person to the next article on this list. How can this be done. I have worked with willpaginate and kaminari and they are both great plugins for pagination.

So now in the show action i want to ha

Previous function, but for two (or more) rows previous
by Dennizzz in Web Design

I'd like to get the value of a cell, two rows previous, is that possible?

I know I can do the row previous, but I'd like two (or more) rows previous


SELECT within Java like “if Value of previous Month is negative, do sum of Value of the typed Month and the Value of the previous one”
by novatv.stdios in Java

The table is called imposto.

| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| cod_bolsa | varchar(7) | NO | PRI | NULL | |
| mes | date | NO | PRI | NULL | |
| a

navigate back and display the previous page without reloading the previous page variables and designs?
by taekeun in Mobile Programming

I have one issue in my program, i have three pages in my program, Main page, first page and second page. I'm able to navigate from the main page to the first page and from the first page to the second page. I have a stack panel in the first page. It consists of children which are dynamically created from the db. This page contains a OnNavigateTo method, for bringing the elements from the main p

Need to find last day of previous month and previous to previous month
by David Colebatch in Programming Languages

I have to find the last date of last month(Nov) and a month before that(Oct).
I used the following code:

DateTime today = DateTime.Today;
DateTime endOfLastMonth = new DateTime(today.Year, today.Month - 1, 1).AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1);
DateTime endOfLastLastMonth = new DateTime(today.Year, today.Month - 2, 1).AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1);

The code

How to go back to previous page and preserve the previous page data in c#
by Tone in C & C++ & C#

I am working on a Retail Website which is developed in Asp.net 3.0. I have a cart system so when user add some items to their cart they are being redirect to Basket page. And i have a button on Basket page for them to go back add some more items. i am not sure how to do that.

here is the case.

Home Page -> Mens Clothing Product List -> Jeans Page -> Basket p

How to redirect to previous page after saving post data and show that data in the previous page?
by camt in Programming Languages

Page 1 had a button. When user click on he can see a form which will ask to fill amount and share details. Once he submitted the data will get saved into database. Once the data saved to database i want to redirect to previous page (the page where i clicked the button to see form). And in that page when i redirects in place of button i want to show the amount which eh saved in the database.


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