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In SOLID, what is the distinction between SRP and ISP? (Single Responsibility Principle and Interface Segregation Principle)
by patheems in Development Tools & Services

How does the SOLID "Interface Segregation Principle" differs from "Single Responsibility Principle"?

The Wikipedia entry says that

ISP splits interfaces which are very large into smaller and more specific ones so that clients will only have to know about the methods that are of interest to them

However, to me that sounds like just applying the SRP to interf

Following the DRY principle in ASP.NET
by orneka in Programming Languages

I have just recently got involved in a classic ASP.NET project which contains lots of storing and reading values from the session and query strings. This could look something like the following:


And somewhere else in the code the value in the session is read. Clearly this violates the DRY principle since you'll have the literal s

The Principle of TEM
by techthumb in Electronics
The transmission electron microscope (TEM) uses a beam of electrons to magnify and examine specimens. It is far more powerful than a light microscope, and its creators were awarded the Nobel Prize for its development. Magnetic LensesElectromagnets are used to guide a narrow beam of electrons through a thin specimen and to a fluorescent screen, which creates an image. The magnets keep the beam c
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What Is the ISO Principle?
by Jonathan in Business
Operating principles represent the "character" of an organization. Each organization or company must operate to some principle and principles to create synergy among employees, partners and/or members. The ISO principle refers to the operating principles guiding the efforts of the International Organization for Standards (ISO) What is ISOThe International Organization for Standards (ISO) is a l
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The Principle of a UV Spectrometer
by vxnick in Education
Ultraviolet (UV)-visible spectrometers are used to analyze the interactions between radiation and matter in the UV-visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The principle involved is the measurable absorption of energy by chemical compounds when certain electronic transitions are excited between their molecular orbitals. Spectrometer PrincipleA source of polychromatic light with a continu

How to implement DRY principle in ASP.NET web app
by Disco_TechnoStu in ASP & ASP.net

I'm soon to kick off a web app using ASP.NET that allows for the manual entry of new data and update of existing data. The company has an existing template that uses a 3 tier structure with standard user interface, business layer and data layer. However they may go with ASP.NET MVC2 if they can find a good enough reason to switch from their existing template.
It looks like there could be 7 o

What Happens to the Principle When You Refinance?
by jfraser in Personal Finance
The refinancing process is intended to provide the homeowner with a lower interest rate. In turn, the reduced interest rate lowers the monthly mortgage payments. The principal, however, remains unchanged during the refinancing process. After all, the money paid into principal is essentially the money paid toward the actual purchase price of the home. When homeowners refinance, they are still oblig

The Principle of Microeconomics
by Walruz in Business
Unlike macroeconomics, which studies the economy from the top down by evaluating government policies and monetary theory, microeconomics views the economy from the bottom up. Microeconomics is the study of how firms and individuals operate. More importantly, understanding the guiding principles of the market and firm behavior helps economists make predictions. SignificanceThe principles of micr

The Principle of Insurance
by tommy in Personal Finance
The principle of insurance is the logical and mathematical basis on which insurers can guarantee to make good on all promised payouts---and, hopefully, make a profit as well. This basis is a combination of several factors that overcome the seeming impossibility of making such a guarantee when covered events are unpredictable. Customer BaseInsurance is traditionally operated as a high-quantity,

The Principle of Recognition
by tdowg1 in Business
Recognition principles control the recording of each element on a company's financial statements. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) provides guidance on the recognition of these elements. Principles of recognition can be likened to the gatekeeper of a company's financial statements. UseVerify financial statement information.financial report image by PaulPaladin from Fotolia.com

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