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Greasemonkey: Adding print button - print and 'print friendly' style div
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Web Design

I have created a greasemonkey script for the purpose of:

Add print receipt button to 3rd party web app page
Add receipt printer friendly styles to div in new window
print this window

The button shows up, but it doesn't trigger my function, which at this point just prints the div.

Here's where I'm at:

var scriptElement = document.createElemen

Is there a way to print twice but sleep in between each print calls but have both print on the the same line?
by Ari in Programming Languages

I really don't know how to word this question, so I'll give an example of what I'm trying to do.

I have a script where I need to use the sleep function for a few seconds. But before I go to "sleep" I need to have a message say for example "Sleeping... ". But after it's done sleeping, I need to print "done". So what the terminal window will look like would be something like this:

I have been able to write a code that print out the arithmetic progression but i need assitance on how to print it in 2 dimensional array
by Master843 in Programming Languages

I was asked to write a code the print out the arithmetic dimension in 2 dimensional array. I have already wrote the code to print the arithmetic progression but i don't have idea on how to print it in 2 dimensional array. Here is my code any help would be appreciated

package task3;
import java.util.Scanner;
public class ArithmeticProgression {
public static void ma

how do i print a “resultList” in a loop from java query and also print it out using javascript?
by docp in Javascript

i get the result from a query using:

String query = "select a from TABLE a";
Query q = em.createQuery(query);
List<Type> res = q.setMaxResults(5).getResultList();

how do i print the list out using a loop? im trying this but i have to manually specify the value to print.

Iterator<SplashPage> i = resultList.iterator();

I wrote a c++ code to strip out the spaces of a sentence but when i try to print it it won't print past the first word
by Valentine in C & C++ & C#
# include <iostream>
# include <ctime>
using namespace std;
int stripWhite(char *str);
int main ()
char str[50];
cout << "Enter a sentence . " << endl;
cin >>str;
cout << "Your sentence without spaces is : " << endl;
cout << (str) << endl; // This is my problem. The sentence only pr

How Print functionality in the Report (C#) works? How to print an image using printer shared in network?
by iMelnik in Programming Languages

I have a windows service,in which i have written some code to print an image file, the printer which i used is a shared over network(local network). But i was facing the permission issue. The printer is not printing the image. When i tried to print the document in crystal report using the same printer its working fine.

Anyone please help me to solve this.


I want to print the difference and the common between two files and print the result in the same order of a particular input file
by David Porter in Programming Languages


bolt W X Y Z
blake X Y Z
gatlin A B C
powell X Y Z
carl P Q R


blake X Y Z
gatlin B C
carl P Q R


bolt W X Y Z
blake X Y Z
gatlin B C
powell X Y Z
carl P Q R

Hey hi,I new to perl and I have a question.I have 2

Faster way to develop and test print stylesheets (avoid print preview every time)?
by pttr in Web Design

This is my process right now:

Save changes to print.css
Open browser and refresh page.
Right-click and choose Print > Print Preview (Firefox, but any browser really)

It's step 3 that bugs me and I'm wondering if it's possible to cut it out of the process with a plugin or something. Just choose to view a page as print media, and then simply refresh to see the changes.<

Print multiple webforms by clicking one “Print All” Button in .net
by LittleCodeShop in Programming Languages

I am working with asp.net 2.0 project. I have a gridview in one of my forms which contains list of people who are late in payments. Now when I select an item in the grid and hit open it opens a letter to be sent to that person. The user can go and hit print in the letter form and the letter gets printed.

Now the user wants to select multiple items from the list and hit "print All" o

How to print a var using echo o print in a NDK-build Android.mk file to debug compilation?
by Edwin Goei in Android

I'm trying to print some extra info when in compile a library using ndk-build.

For example:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
all:;echo $(LOCAL_PATH)
echo: $(LOCAL_PATH)
print:echo "i'm not working"

When i do ndk-build, just compile all the Android.mk, but i don't get the console echo. I have readed the GNU make info (ndk-build is just a

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