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State Probation Vs. County Probation
by Wisconsin in Legal
Criminal courts on all levels of government--federal, state, county and city--make use of probation as a sentence for criminal offenders. Although there are many similarities in probation at these different levels of government, there are some differences as well. FunctionThe function of both state probation and county probation is to provide a meaningful sentence to a offender with a limited c

Difference Between Probation & Felony Probation
by Hosein Mohtasham in Legal
Probation is a sentence often given out to offenders who have either committed felonies or misdemeanors. The terms of probation and the consequences of violating probation differ if the probation is a felony or a misdemeanor case. The length of the probationary period can be up to five years in a felony charge, while a misdemeanor can be from one to three years. Time FrameThe time frame involve

Can I Get a Job If I Am on Probation?
by Russia in Business
If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or a minor felony and have been sentenced to probation, you will likely need to work in order to pay for your court and probation fees. Finding a job while you are on probation is not always easy. However, by devoting time to job searching and being honest about your background, you may be able to find a job while on probation. ResourcesYour probation
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What Is DUI Probation?
by George Garchagudashvili in Legal
Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances can result in serious consequences, including probation. Community supervision, in the form of probation, monitors offenders to ensure they do not drink and drive again. ImpactOffenders on DUI probation must attend a Victim Impact Panel so they can better understand the consequences of their actions. Victims speak to groups of probation
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How to Get Off D.O.C. Probation
by itsmegb in Legal
Although we all make mistakes, some people's mistakes lead to the inside of a courtroom. Depending on the severity of your crime (and other factors such as your criminal history), the judge may decide to grant you probation instead of sentencing you to prison. The easiest way to get off of probation is to simply do nothing: that is, not get in any further trouble for the duration of your probation
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How to Get Probation for a DUI
by Pradeep Gowda in Legal
Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge, the punishment for which increases based on the number of infractions, along with any aggravating factors that may have occurred. Most states will require a period of probation on any DUI in addition to fines, therapy and possible incarceration. Note the intensity of probation will vary based on the defendant's previous record.Difficulty:Moder
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What is a PSI for Probation?
by igv in Legal
A pre-sentencing investigation, or PSI, helps the judge determine whether a person convicted of a crime goes to jail or is allowed to remain free on probation. It contains information about the convicted person, the case and the victim's experience and plays a significant role in the sentencing decision. HistoryThe pre-sentencing investigation has been a major part of the American criminal just
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How to Pay Probation in Dallas
by YooperDave in Personal Finance
In Dallas, probation can include monthly fees, court fees and restitution. Paying probation fees may be part of your obligation to settle a criminal court case. Failure to pay the fees in a timely manner may result in revocation of your probation, which could lead to jail time. Probation fees in Dallas can be paid online using the Community Supervision and Corrections Department's payment service.
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How to Let Go of an Employee That Is on Probation
by SnuggleTheBear in Business
Human resources staff often have the difficult task of terminating employees. However, letting an employee go before the probationary period is complete is expected, especially when the employee has difficulty understanding the job duties and expectations. Terminating the employee sooner than later may make the termination decision an easier one to understand. Employers and employees realize the p

What Is Formal Probation?
by Joshua Johnson in Legal
Formal probation, also known as supervised probation, is granted to an offender who must report in person to her probation officer. Informal probation may also be called summary court probation, summary probation or court probation. Both the states and the federal government place individuals on formal probation. Sentencing guidelines may apply to some extent, to determine if a defendant will be p

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