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If a problem X (decision problem) is known to be NP-Complete, and proven to be reduced to problem Y, can you then say problem Y is NP-Complete?
by john in Web Design

If a problem X (decision problem) is known to be NP-Complete, and proven to be reduced to problem Y in polynomialtime, can you then say problem Y is NP-Complete?

My first thought was, no, problem Y needs to be shown that it is in NP. But after further thought, if X is reduced to Y, Y is already considered to be NP-Complete. Now I'm just confused...any help would be appreciated.

IE css problem or jquery ui problem? weird cursor while showing custom nested rows
by cjdavis in Development Tools & Services

I hope you can help me on this one.

Here's a simplified version of my row object.
Nothing special: a button, a title, and a content that slides down when the button is pressed.

var row = function(title)
this.clear = $('<div/>').css({clear: 'both'});
this.$icon = $('<div/>').addClass('ui-icon ui-icon-carat-1-s');

C++ code compiles but dies problem (Having a line (queue), a buffer, and if not empty problem)
by Stuka in Development Tools & Services

So I have a class. .h file with some variables like:

struct AudioSample
const unsigned char * buffer;
int len;
const unsigned char * VideoFrameBuffer;
int VideoFrameLen;
std::queue<AudioSample> AudioSamples;
bool sampleSendingFinished;
bool frameSendingFinished;

Algorithm that is a combination of the continuous knapsack problem and the variable size bin packing problem
by Lithuania in Programming Languages

I'm trying to solve a problem (in php, but programming language doesn't matter).
I'm having a n number of persons that have paid money, and I have got a m number of persons that are going to pay the same amount as the sum of what the n number of people have paid.
I want to calculate the shortest route of money transfers between these persons. It is possible to split the payments and p

Problem reading URL with Python. Code opens up any other URL. Possible Header or Cookie problem
by language-agnostic in Network & Servers

Using python urllib or urllib2, for the life of me, I can not read the following URL:

This page reads fine with Firefox or IE. I tried spoofing the User-Agent to simulate Firefox to no avail. This site uses cookies. I also tried using the cookielib module to no avail.


Problem running SSIS with ORACLE Data Source problem in Windows 64 bit
by Dave Lievense in Databases

I've managed to connect my SQL Server 2005 in Windows 64 bit server with ORACLE database. (Thanks to Mr. Jeyong Park :http://knol.google.com/k/jeyong-park/accessing-oracle-data-source-from-64bit/3vywlm4f31xae/12)

The problem is :
In SSIS when I used Oracle as a OLE DB Data Source and previewed the data, it works, however, when I run the Package, the OLE DB Data Source task fail

Problem using FBO: Only first pass renders. A possible problem at setting render target back?
by AtenRa in Development Tools & Services

I have a huge problem with using FBO.

I have a multi-pass display using FBOs and multitexturing. Everything seems to work fine until the end of first execution of display.

I set the render target back to screen using glBindFrameBufferEXT(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT, 0) at the end of my display function but the passes after that do not take effect. The screen seems to freeze..

Can non styled HTML elements make any type of problem in document flow or any cross browser problem?
by gqlewis in Web Design

Should we write css to each element or only for those elements which want to give style?

like for example

<div id="first">
<span class="one">
<a href="#">content text</a>
<div id="second">
<span class="two">
<a href="#">content text&

JAVA - Strange problem (probably thread problem) with JTable & Model
by NoCreativity in Development Tools & Services

I am using 2 Tables (JTable) with their DefaultTableModels.
The first table is already populated.
The second table is populated for each row of the first table (using an SQL Query).
My purpose is to export every line of the first table with it's respective lines of the second in an Excel File.

I am doing it with a for (for each line of 1st table), in which I write a l

GridView edit problem If primary key is editable (design problem)
by golazo in Programming Languages

I would like to ask about the design of table based on it's editability in a Grid View. Let me explain. For example, I have a table named ProductCustomerRel.

Method 1

CustomerCode varchar PK
ProductCode varchar PK
StoreCode varchar PK
Quantity int
Note text

So the combination of the CustomerCode, StoreCode and ProductCode mus

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