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Product.list works fine, but Product.info returns product not exists (Error 101)
by Seattle in Programming Languages

As the subject says, really. An RPC to list products according to a given filter works fine, but when I try to call product.info on a product, Magento insists that the product does not exist. I can't find any working examples for using product.info with Ruby, but if anyone's got one out there I'd be incredibly grateful.

The code that returns error 101 is:


how to retrieve the image product in the list of sub-product ( select form ) of a bundle product
by htcg1htcg1 in Development Tools & Services

can i retrieve the thumbnail product in the list of sub-product ( select form ) of a bundle product ? how to change the query?

thanks in advance

Calling product model overriding default product on Product Detail page
by socurious in Development Tools & Services

I'm stuck here. The client wanted to have a random product display on the product detail page (in the product upsell section). I chose to not use the built in upsell feature for multiple reasons, but there is not need to discuss that.

I'm currently displaying a random product like so:

$category = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load(9);

Magento get configurable product from simple product even if config product is disabled
by Matthieu Bozec in Programming Languages

I need to get the parent configurable product from a simple product, even if the parent product is marked as disabled. I also need to get the status of the configurable product (enabled or disabled).

Right now I'm getting the parent product like this:

$parentIds = Mage::getResourceSingleton('catalog/product_type_configurable')->getParentIdsByChild($product->getI

Database Surrogate Key Name: Product.ProductId vs Product.Id vs Product.Product_Id
by Steve M in Databases

Say you have a table named Product and it has an auto-number/identity column. Do you name it simply Id or do you name it ProductId or Product_Id? Please explain why.

Looking for a good 3D space vector class with dot product, cross product and other common operations
by asp.net in Programming Languages

3D space vectors are widely used. But I cannot find a good small library dedicated to it. Any one have a good suggestion? The small library can have some basic geometry entities, such as triangles. Thanks a lot!

Magento Product Grid. Show Configurable Product Quantity As Sum Of Associated Simple Products
by Dennizzz in Programming Languages

I'm attempting to get Magento to show a Configurable product's stock base in the product grid. Obviously Configurable products don't have a quantity, so I mean I want to modify the way that product quantity is shown by some logic similar to:

if (product != configurable)
{qty = do what it normally does}
{get collection of associated products.
qty = sum o

Magento: Simple product with custom options adds base product to cart
by rajnesh in Programming Languages

I have simple products with custom options based on different quantity of the product - 200gms, 400gms, 500gms etc. Everything was working fine for a while. Now, for newly added products, when I select 500gms product and click add to cart, only 200gms product (base product) gets added to cart.

Here's the link: http://uat.subzeebazaar.com/personal-care.html

Tried adding t

Opencart - How I can execute a custom code on product page? Without mods on controller product
by Mark Tran in Web Design

I'm working on a custom module and I need to populate a table when the customer opens the product page. It was better if I don't have to mod the controller or make a custom AJAX call on view. It's possible?

Sorry by the english.

Can the user restore purchased non-consumable product after this product id (in-App purchase) was deleted from iTunesConnect?
by Yserbius in Mobile Programming

Here is a situation. A user purchases some non-consumable product (which once purchased should be available for the user everywhere and automatically restored) through in-App Purchase mechanism. After some time developer decides to update list of in-App purchases assigned to this app in iTunes Connect and deletes (or removes from sale) corresponding in-App purchase product id.

The ques

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