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Product.list works fine, but Product.info returns product not exists (Error 101)
by Seattle in Programming Languages

As the subject says, really. An RPC to list products according to a given filter works fine, but when I try to call product.info on a product, Magento insists that the product does not exist. I can't find any working examples for using product.info with Ruby, but if anyone's got one out there I'd be incredibly grateful.

The code that returns error 101 is:


Calling product model overriding default product on Product Detail page
by socurious in Development Tools & Services

I'm stuck here. The client wanted to have a random product display on the product detail page (in the product upsell section). I chose to not use the built in upsell feature for multiple reasons, but there is not need to discuss that.

I'm currently displaying a random product like so:

$category = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load(9);

how to retrieve the image product in the list of sub-product ( select form ) of a bundle product
by htcg1htcg1 in Development Tools & Services

can i retrieve the thumbnail product in the list of sub-product ( select form ) of a bundle product ? how to change the query?

thanks in advance

Magento get configurable product from simple product even if config product is disabled
by Matthieu Bozec in Programming Languages

I need to get the parent configurable product from a simple product, even if the parent product is marked as disabled. I also need to get the status of the configurable product (enabled or disabled).

Right now I'm getting the parent product like this:

$parentIds = Mage::getResourceSingleton('catalog/product_type_configurable')->getParentIdsByChild($product->getI

Database Surrogate Key Name: Product.ProductId vs Product.Id vs Product.Product_Id
by Steve M in Databases

Say you have a table named Product and it has an auto-number/identity column. Do you name it simply Id or do you name it ProductId or Product_Id? Please explain why.

Looking for a good 3D space vector class with dot product, cross product and other common operations
by asp.net in Programming Languages

3D space vectors are widely used. But I cannot find a good small library dedicated to it. Any one have a good suggestion? The small library can have some basic geometry entities, such as triangles. Thanks a lot!

Opencart - How I can execute a custom code on product page? Without mods on controller product
by Mark Tran in Web Design

I'm working on a custom module and I need to populate a table when the customer opens the product page. It was better if I don't have to mod the controller or make a custom AJAX call on view. It's possible?

Sorry by the english.

Can the user restore purchased non-consumable product after this product id (in-App purchase) was deleted from iTunesConnect?
by Yserbius in Mobile Programming

Here is a situation. A user purchases some non-consumable product (which once purchased should be available for the user everywhere and automatically restored) through in-App Purchase mechanism. After some time developer decides to update list of in-App purchases assigned to this app in iTunes Connect and deletes (or removes from sale) corresponding in-App purchase product id.

The ques

Is it possible to create just one xml layout for all products, while the product description changes depending on the product chosen in android?
by Nulq in Android

I'm trying to create a POS Andriod app for my first Android class. For the menu, I implemented a scrollview for our client to choose a product of theirs. When a product is clicked, it goes to another screen wherein the product details (image and description) and 'add to cart' is found. What I did was created that menu screen, and numerous activity screens along with its respective layout xml fi

Magento Product Grid. Show Configurable Product Quantity As Sum Of Associated Simple Products
by Dennizzz in Programming Languages

I'm attempting to get Magento to show a Configurable product's stock base in the product grid. Obviously Configurable products don't have a quantity, so I mean I want to modify the way that product quantity is shown by some logic similar to:

if (product != configurable)
{qty = do what it normally does}
{get collection of associated products.
qty = sum o

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