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Should I Form a Professional Corporation or a Professional Limited Liability Company?
by Andrew Forbes in Business
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Similarities Between Professional Values & Professional Ethics
by cashshadow in Business
Values and ethics are two broad terms that often confuse people because they seem to mean the same thing. When applying values and ethics to a professional setting, such as a place of work, these terms take on very different and very important meanings. Professionals must have a set of values and ethics to work from. These values and ethics guide their actions among each other and between them and

Professional & Non-Professional Duties in Libraries
by YuriyLazarev in Careers & Job Searching
Most libraries operate with a mix of professional and non-professional employees. Some may interact with the public, while others work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Regardless of her role, the main objective of any library employee is to meet the needs of the patrons in the library. CirculationThe library's circulation department is where patrons check out materials, return

Error : Argument list too long:recursive header expansion failed at /Applications/Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional/Adobe Acrobat Professional.app/
by Djuxy in Mobile Programming

Can Any one tell why this error occur and how to resolve it

Check Dependencies

Argument list too long: recursive header expansion failed at /Applications/Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional/Adobe Acrobat Professional.app/Contents/Plug-ins/Comments.acroplugin/Contents/MacOS.


Cristina Martin

MSDN integration in Visual Studio 2012 Professional-with-MSDN versus Professional-without-MSDN
by eskimospy in Programming Languages

I am deciding between getting Visual Studio 2012 Professional and getting Visual Studio 2012 Professional with MSDN, and am wondering what “MSDN integration” exactly is and whether one has more “MSDN integration” than the other.

At time of this post, I looked at the “Editions” section of Wikipedia's Microsoft Visual Studio article. The “Visual Studio Professional” su

Non-Professional Vs. Professional Jobs
by drudge in Careers & Job Searching
Jobs are often classified as nonprofessional or professional, though the distinction between the two can be unclear. Jobs tend to be deemed professional if they require specialized knowledge and advanced skills in an area. Teachers, engineers and doctors are all considered professionals. Jobs classified as nonprofessional are often manual or repetitive in nature. Dishwashers and cashiers are often

How do I Upgrade Office 97 Professional to Office 2003 Professional?
by Gerle in Computers
Microsoft Office 97 Professional comes bundled with several popular programs, including PowerPoint and Word. However, you may want to upgrade to one of the later releases, such as Microsoft Office 2003 Professional. The one downside to this is you are unable to purchase the "Upgrade" version, as the upgrade version only works with the previous release. Instead, in order to upgrade Office 97 Profes

How to Become a Professional Athlete: Steps to Becoming a Professional Athlete
by zclin in Careers & Job Searching
Want to become a professional athlete? Whether you are five, fifteen, or twenty-five there are steps to becoming a professional athlete that you will have to take.
Use the energy from your dream, and the drive from your passion for the sport to push yourself to new levels of athletic performance. Follow these steps to pursue your dream of becoming a professional athlete.Difficulty:Challengin

Windows 2000 Professional Vs. Windows XP Professional
by Bin in Computers
Windows 2000 Professional and XP Professional are both types of operating systems from Microsoft Corporation. Windows 2000 released in February, 2000 while XP Professional released in October, 2001. MarketsMicrosoft designed Windows 2000 to replace Windows 95, 98, and NT Workstation 4.0. Microsoft united their consumer and business operating lines into one product when they released Windows XP.

How to Act Professional
by Valentine in Careers & Job Searching
Whether you're trying to secure a job or impress someone you've just met, there are many ways to act professionally and make a good impression. Follow these steps to create an impression of a professional, mature individual.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Spit out your gum. You wont look professional while smacking your chops on a piece of bubble gum!
Quit fidgeting. Fidgeting is not a professio
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