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Project Server 2010: how to keep task dependencies with external projects when publishing new projects?
by DesiPower in Programming Languages

I have a set of MS Project files (.mpp) that have some inter-tasks dependencies already configured. Some of these dependencies (predessesor / succesor) are between tasks in different projects.

I need to move this projects to Project Server 2010 and keep all the dependencies.
Right now I'm not getting that as the projects are published in project server, the path to external t

Copying a .jar file from my system to the disk — is there a general solution for both .jar projects and non .jar projects?
by FuzzyHornet in Programming Languages

My current project has a folder with dependencies, that is, .jar files. I was wondering if it'd be possible to copy any one of those .jar files to my disk.

I'm currently developing this project as a standard Eclipse Java project, but one day I'll want to deploy this project as a .jar file, too, so the solution would have to work both for the moment, and for the future situation as w

Is it slower to reference projects rather than DLLs for open-source projects, in Visual Studio?
by reflexiv in Programming Languages

Is it slower? Sometimes there are exceptions or issues triggered by open-source projects, where having direct access to the code can give you much more insight on what you're doing wrong. Does it slow down the project, and especially does it increase compilation time? Assuming no changes are done to the project - I don't think it needs to be rebuilt everytime?

Building all projects of a solution with a mixture of x86 and “any cpu” projects using MSBuild
by jihe in Programming Languages

Is it possible to be able to build all projects of a solution with x86 and "any cpu" projects in it from MSBuild?

Ideally I would like a solution that would work regardless of whether the project has multiple platforms or not because it's often not obvious when you add a project that defaults to x86 and you have to spend a lot of time figuring out why your project isn't being built

MSBUILD Generate xml documentation file for all projects in solution (without touching the projects)
by Dmitry in Network & Servers

I'm trying to create the XML documentation for all the projects in the solution even when the option its not checked in the project properties (and this is the key point).

I'm using TFS 2010 SP1 and tried with this "/p:TreatWarningsAsErrors=true /p:GenerateDocumentation=true" in the "MSBuild Arguments" field of my build definition. It doesn't generate anything.

I also tr

Analyze VS2010 C# projects and report files on disk not part of the projects?
by afds in C & C++ & C#

I discovered earlier tonight that files and folders I have removed from my C# projects are apparently still on disk, even though my Visual Studio Mercurial plugin seems to do a good job of deleting them when I delete them in Visual Studio. It must have hickuped when it came to these files.

So I wondered... Does anyone have a script or similar, or know of something, that will look at

How to deploy source code from multiple Eclipse projects to Google App Engine? (aka, linking two projects)
by rodvand in Development Tools & Services

I am thinking of extracting some core functionality into a new Eclipse GAE project, so I don't have duplicated code. Meaning I now have two Eclipse projects; one "main" and one "util".

I have linked them together locally in Eclipse, but when I deploy the main project, the source code from the second project is not deployed.

Is it possible to specify it should also grab t

CDT Custom build Option to be added in Projects Context Menu and run for Both MBS and Standard Make Projects
by Matthew Steed in Web Design

i am newly working on CDT in Eclipse ,where i have requirement for MBS and Standard Make c/C++ projects,will have a custom build option in Project context menu ,like "Cadvise PDB Generate" in context menu, when click on this option ,for MBS C/C++ project custom build will be find in make file and execute the target as normal "clean" and "build".

Where as standard make c/C++ project

How to share properties between multiple Visual Studio projects? (especially C# projects)
by bicho44 in C & C++ & C#

Keeping properties of multiple Visual Studio projects manually in sync is annoying. So, how can you share properties between multiple projects?

Edit: I refer to properties like conditional compilation symbols, treatment of warnings and errors etc., i.e., things you can configure in Project->Properties tabs or by editing the project XML file.

Similar questions have been

How do I handle builds of Web Application Projects in VS 2012 without Web Deployment Projects?
by mikhaelrasputin in Development Tools & Services

My team uses Team City to do continuous builds and deployment of our Web Application Projects. In order to do a deployment build, we use Web Deployment Projects, which are not available in Visual Studio 2012. We aren't really using any of the advanced features of WDPs like .config transformations, but the main reason we use them is because when they build, they put only the necessary files fo


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