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How to Promote a New Bar
by Pure Pandemonium in Business
Promoting a new bar requires a thought out plan, a budget, massive marketing and proper strategic planning. Consistent effort is required to promote a new pub or bar, create awareness, and build a new customer base. Use the following strategies to start promoting your new bar business now and maximize results.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Create a website for your new bar. Include online quiz
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How to Promote Your LLC
by Ubermateo in Business
Promoting your LLC is defined as marketing and targeting the right customers to build a successful business. There are several ways to promote your LLC effectively in direct mail, radio, trade shows, web advertising and the yellow pages. By promoting in these areas you can measure a change in attitude with consumers that will become, over time, loyal customers purchasing your products and servic
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How to Promote Yourself as a DJ
by Charlie98 in Careers & Job Searching
Promoting yourself as a DJ is essential to building a client base. With today's technology, DJ promotion is simple and does not take a lot of time, which allows you to focus on creating new mixes and improving on how you interact with your audience. Even if you are just starting out in the DJ business, there are simple ways you can spread the word to ensure you have a solid lineup of events at whi
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How to Promote One's CD
by Vytautas in Business
One of the biggest challenges for an artist or band can be spreading the word about their music. Therefore, when musicians release a new CD, it's a perfect opportunity to get out there and promote their sound to the rest of the world.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Create a MySpace page. MySpace has become a prime method of promotion for bands and artists. When you have your own M
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How to Promote a DJ
by Vytautas in Arts & Entertainment
A DJ promoter is a person that markets both the DJ and the DJ's events, building the DJ's fan base both online and offline. A DJ promoter should have time management skills, people skills and creativity. A DJ promoter will have the opportunity to attend music events, concerts and music festivals. Being a DJ promoter can be both fun and entertaining.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'
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How to Promote Ringtones
by Tone in Business
One of the first things people do to personalize their phone is change the ring tone. That is what makes ring-tone promotions such a lucrative concept. There are many different ways to get paid to promote ring tones. Some involve cost-per-action (CPA) promotions that pay you each time someone enters his cell phone number. Other programs have monthly recurring fees for which you get paid when custo

How to Promote a Sports Bar
by ondrej in Business
Running a sports bar is a challenging career that requires hard work, patience and creativity. Your livelihood is entirely dependent on an ever-changing clientele, so sales are likely to differentiate month to month. One way to help your sports bar thrive is to aggressively promote it to the surrounding area. By engaging customers with activities and advertisements, you will create a steady stream
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How to Promote an Investment
by Cogman in Business
Investment is one of the key determinants in a business' ability to grow. Investment in a business can come in a variety of forms, including incorporation by selling stock, bond issuance and the sale of a portion of a company to an angel investor or venture capitalist. In a sense, banks also invest in businesses by issuing them business loans and lines of credit. Whichever type of investment you a

How to Promote a Pen Brand
by Naveen in Business
If confronting the wall of pens at a local office supply store feels daunting and intimidating, adopt a novel approach for promoting your pen brand so you can compete on your own terms. Even a box of ballpoint pens can be romanced and used to promote the brand, so figure out what strategy makes the most sense for your situation and then write your own success story.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstru
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How to Promote Concerts
by Sergio Rudenko in Careers & Job Searching
Concert promotion is done when an organization, company or person takes on the full responsibility of a live concert, festival or club night. Because everything falls on the shoulders of the concert promoter, you need to learn many things before you get started.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Rent the venue. It's the job of the concert promoter to determine where the concert will be.
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